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Event Horizon Telescope, April 2019

Press release available here. Please also see MIT News and the NSF news site for more information.

MIT News, Working together as a “virtual telescope,” observatories around the world produce first direct images of a black hole

Westford Eagle, Black hole imagery worked on at Haystack Observatory in Westford

TechTarget, How EHT's black hole image data is stored and protected

Top of Mind (radio show) with Julie Rose, Haystack's Geoff Crew on the first picture of a black hole

WCVB, MIT researchers help capture 'groundbreaking' first-ever image of black hole

The Atlantic, The Hidden Shipping and Handling Behind That Black-Hole Picture

MassLive, Black hole Messier 87: MIT Haystack Observatory in Westford played crucial role in processing first-ever black hole images

WBUR, It's Here: The First Ever Photo Of A Black Hole

Boston Globe, A little-known MIT facility northwest of Boston played a key role in the picture of a black hole

Science News, Meet one of the first scientists to see the historic black hole image

National Science Foundation, NSF: Observatory montage of EHT telescopes and data centers [scroll down to observatory footage, and make sure to stay tuned until the end!]

TechCrunch, Here’s the first image of a black hole

CBS Boston, Scientists Reveal First Image Ever Made Of A Black Hole

Sentinel & Enterprise, Front-row view of the cosmos

Boston Magazine, Harvard, MIT, BU Helped Get Us That Black Hole Photo: Shout out once again to the local nerds

Science News, How scientists took the first picture of a black hole

The Economist, Astronomers take the first picture of a black hole

Boston Herald, First ever supermassive black hole photo makes history, proves Albert Einstein right

WBZ, Scientists Reveal First Image Ever Made Of A Black Hole

Physics Today, What it took to capture a black hole

DePaulia, M87 black hole photo a first-of-its-kind scientific milestone

Live Science, Why Is the First-Ever Black Hole Picture an Orange Ring?

Fortune, First Image of a Black Hole: 5 Things to Know About the Historic Picture

BBC, Event Horizon Telescope ready to image black hole



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