John C. Foster

Atmospheric Sciences Group MIT Haystack Observatory

Principal Research Scientist Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Physics of the magnetosphere, ionosphere, and thermosphere. Topics of particular interest: 
•	Magnetosphere/ionosphere/atmosphere coupling
•	Incoherent scatter radar
•	Plasmasphere and plasmasphere boundary layer
•	Plasma waves and instabilities. 
•	Radiation belt physics
•	Ionospheric convection electric fields, and cleft and high latitude phenomena. 
•	International research facilities and scientific collaboration (China, Ukraine, Russia) 
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Select Papers:

1.     Shock-Induced Prompt Relativistic Electron Acceleration in the Inner Magnetosphere [JGR, 2015]

2.     Simultaneous Ground and Space-Based Observations of the Plasmaspheric Plume and Magnetospheric Reconnection [Science, 2014]

3.     Prompt energization of relativistic and highly relativistic electrons during a substorm interval: Van Allen Probes observations [GRL, 2014]

4.     An Impenetrable Barrier to Ultrarelativistic Electrons in the Van Allen Radiation Belts [Nature, 2014]

5.     Stormtime observations of plasmasphere erosion flux in the magnetosphere and ionosphere [GRL, 2014]

6.     Ionospheric Signatures of Plasmaspheric Tails [GRL, 2002]

7.     Multiradar observations of the polar tongue of ionization [JGR, 2005]

8.     SAPS: A New Characterization for Sub-Auroral Electric Fields [EOS, 2002]

9.     Average Characteristics and Activity Dependence of the Subauroral Polarization Stream [JGR, 2002]

10.  On the relationship of SAPS to storm-enhanced density [JASTP, 2008]

11.  Ionospheric-Magnetospheric-Heliospheric Coupling: Stormtime Thermal Plasma Redistribution [AGU Monograph, 2008]

Publication List (1971 – 2015)

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