Shun-Rong Zhang's Research Topics

Ongoing Projects

  • NSF: Climate Change in the Upper Atmosphere (#1042569)
  • NASA/LWS: The Topside Ionosphere and Thermosphere: Dynamics and Coupling
    During Geomagnetic Storms
  • NASA/LWS: Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling During Stratospheric Sudden Warmings
  • NSF: Collaborative Research: CEDAR: Understanding the High-to-Mid
    Latitude Ionospheric Response to Stratospheric Warmings
  • NSF Space Weather: Construction of Web-based Empirical Models of the Earth's
    Ionosphere Using Data from Multiple Incoherent Scatter Radars

  • Prior Projects

  • Incoherent Scatter Radar based Ionospheric Models
  •     for Millstone Hill
            St Santin 
            Sondrestrom, etc, 
        including local Ne, Te, Ti and Vo models, 
        Millstone Hill Regional models, and high 
        latitude convection model.
  • Ionospheric climatology, variability and long-term changes
  • Upper atmospheric thermal status as measured by ISRs
  • ISR long-duration experiments and science
  • Thermospheric winds from observations and models

  • Assimilation study using ISR data
  • Determination of atmospheric variables
  • IRI-related study: B-parameters etc
  • MU Radar Ion Drift Model (MUIDM)
  • Forenoon Ionospheric Electron Density Behavior
  • Ionospheric F2-peak height study
  • Ionospheric F1-ledge study
  • First-principles Ionospheric model
  • My Research Experience