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Postdoctoral Associate

POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE, to work closely with radio science researchers on the investigation and development of novel signal processing and computational techniques for sensing and mitigating radio frequency interference.  The goal of this work is to enable geospace and astronomy sensors to remain robust and operational in current and future interference environments.  Will help develop innovative estimation techniques to identify, characterize, and remove interference sources.  This will involve the exploration and development of novel approaches to approximate adaptive signal cancellation and the analysis of data collected with software radio systems from Haystack Observatory sensors. 

Technician A Electro-Mechanical

TECHNICIAN A, ELECTRO-MECHANICAL, to support operations, maintenance, and upgrade of three LSSC space surveillance radar systems.  Will be trained to participate in all aspects of high voltage (40kV and above) RF transmitter construction, operations and maintenance.  Duties will include electronic component and subsystem level assembly and troubleshooting, monitoring daily operations, and performing maintenance of the transmitter systems.  The work is performed on a variety of equipment, including high-voltage power supplies, vacuum tubes, precision RF waveguide components, sensitive high-power transmitter tubes, high-field magnets, and high-volume water cooling systems.  Some of this work will be performed at heights.