Haystack is hiring! If you’re interested in applying to one of these open positions, and for more information including job requirements, please click on the job title to visit the MIT Careers page. We accept applications only through the MIT Careers site.

Space Lead Technology Engineer

SPACE LEAD TECHNOLOGY ENGINEER, to lead the Space Technology Program, a growing space science and technology effort with an emphasis on radio and radar techniques and applications in the context of small spacecraft missions. Will coordinate the establishment of strategic objectives, proposal of innovative science missions and technology development projects, incubation and maintenance of institutional partnerships, hiring and nurturing of a development team, end-to-end mission hardware and software development, mission operations, and the successful delivery of data with high scientific value. Will also be a hands-on engineer, contributing in a technical capacity to mission definition, development, operation, and scientific exploitation; and serve as an ambassador to the space exploration community, collaborating with experts from academia/industry/government, speaking at conferences/symposia, and reporting on program/project progress. 

Digital Design Engineer

DIGITAL DESIGN ENGINEER, to work on the development of advanced radar and radio-astronomy data acquisition and signal-processing equipment. Will be responsible for working with scientists to translate high-level requirements into working hardware, including end to end efforts to design systems, translate the concepts into working hardware, and use the resulting systems in the field. The projects include a new low-frequency antenna array, advanced phased array radar hardware, digital back-ends for very-long-baseline interferometry, and spectral-line processors for the Haystack 37-m radio telescope. The work within those projects involves FPGA design and development of digital receivers, filters, spectrometers, and correlators, with data rates approaching terabits per second (Tb/s). May also be responsible for helping with requirements definition and validation and the cost and time planning for new projects. Technical and scientific tasks may also be possible consistent with the background and experience of the individual hired.  

IT Generalist

IT GENERALIST, to provide support in a diverse environment whose mission is to carry out cutting-edge research in radio sciences. Will be responsible for diagnosing and resolving IT technical issues; providing technical support to staff and for workshops, conferences, and events; configuring and deploying new systems; assisting with developing and maintaining documentation; assisting with developing and maintaining software scripts and applications; and serving as a backup during absences and being available in the event of an emergency. 

Programmable Logic Control (PLC), Controls and Data Acquisition Specialist/Engineer

PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROL (PLC), CONTROLS AND DATA ACQUISITION SPECIALIST/ENGINEER, to join the Haystack Observatory/Lincoln Space Surveillance Complex (LSSC), which operates and maintains three very active space surveillance radar systems for the Air Force Space Command. Seek someone who specializes in design, implementation, and maintenance for programmable logic control systems and similar data acquisition systems used for operation and monitoring of all aspects of radar hardware. These control systems are responsible for antenna servo system monitoring, high-voltage transmitter operation, cooling plant control, etc.  Will support existing systems as well as design and upgrade new systems.