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Research Scientist

RESEARCH SCIENTIST,  to perform independent scientific research in radio astronomy, with an emphasis on spectroscopic single dish and interferometric observations.  Augmentation of the radio studies with multiwavelength investigations is also anticipated.  Will employ analysis of molecular line observations at radio wavelengths to support astrophysical investigations of objects and processes in the Milky Way galaxy; actively participate in Haystack science and technical discussions, group efforts, and publications; write and submit proposals for future astronomy research projects to major federal science opportunities; and present results at scientific conferences, publish in refereed journals, and serve on community committees.  

Postdoctoral Associate

POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE, to join a group that conducts research into active galactic nuclei (AGN), star forming molecular clouds, astrophysical masers, low-frequency thermal and coherent solar radio emissions, and cosmic hydrogen in the early universe. The group places strong emphasis on hardware and software development and use of novel instrumentation to generate new scientific capabilities. Haystack has made major contributions to the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) array, has led the development of a phased array capability for ALMA, developed groundbreaking systems for low frequency instruments, and is implementing new astronomy capabilities for the iconic and world-class 37-meter antenna at the site. The astronomy group specializes in observational radio astronomy, emphasizing strong synergy with technical development activities that span radio science sub-disciplines. Will contribute to this team and assist with the processing and publication of existing datasets in various science areas. An affinity for contributing on both technical and scientific fronts is expected, with the technical work focusing on software for data reduction and analysis. 

Senior Technician, Electro-Mechanical

SENIOR TECHNICIAN, ELECTRO MECHANICAL, to support operations, maintenance, and upgrade of the three LSSC space surveillance radar systems.  Will assist with laboratory, research, or analytical work under the direction/supervision of scientific personnel; operate highly technical experimental apparatus; sometimes direct and train technicians of a lower grade; and understand the theoretical aspects of the experiments. Will be trained to participate in all aspects of high sensitivity radio frequency (RF) receiver construction, operations, and maintenance.  The primary duties will include electronic component and subsystem level assembly and troubleshooting; monitoring daily operations and performing maintenance of the receiver systems; working on a variety of equipment, including high sensitivity receiver components, RF cabling, precision RF waveguide components, low noise amplifiers, high power transmitters, high voltage systems, control systems, and digital systems.  Some of the work will be performed at heights.