Haystack-led MOXIE experiment reliably produces oxygen on Mars

MOXIE has successfully produced oxygen on seven experimental runs

First image of Milky Way black hole obtained by Haystack and the EHT

Astronomers at Haystack and the global Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) collaboration captured the first image of the black hole Sagittarius A* in the Milky Way.

Imaging geomagnetic storms in the Earth’s ionosphere—in 3D

A team of researchers led by MIT Haystack Observatory has created a system to image in 3D ionospheric changes during storms.

2022 Tonga volcanic eruption induced global propagation of ionospheric disturbances via Lamb waves

This study provides substantial first evidence of long-duration Lamb wave imprints in the global ionosphere.

Swoboda awarded ONR Young Investigator Program grant

Dr. John Swoboda receives grant from the Office of Naval Research.

Haystack celebrates Herb Weiss and six decades of making history

Founder Herb Weiss speaks at exhibit unveiling.

SpectrumX collective launches the first NSF Spectrum Innovation Initiative Center

MIT Haystack Observatory will be part of the new radio spectrum management and coordination center.

How a sudden stratospheric warming affected the Northern Hemisphere

Haystack scientists and colleagues find a stratospheric warming event over Antarctica linked to anomalies in near-Earth space above North America and Europe.

EHT pinpoints dark heart of the nearest radio galaxy

An international Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) Collaboration team has now imaged the heart of the nearby radio galaxy Centaurus A in unprecedented detail.

Westford Scout installs historic marker sign

Carter Purple created the sign to inform visitors about the historic MIT Haystack and Millstone radar facilities in Westford.

MOXIE produces oxygen from Mars atmosphere

MOXIE's historic mission to create oxygen from carbon dioxide has succeeded.

Telescopes united in unprecedented observations of famous black hole

Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration scientists release multi-wavelength images showing M87 across the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

Astronomers image magnetic fields at the edge of M87’s black hole

New image of M87 reveals how it looks in polarized light.

Monitoring Arctic sea ice

A network of precision buoys is now tracking sea ice drift, deformation, and fracturing in the Beaufort Sea.

Dhiman Mondal hired as Research Scientist

Mondal has been working as a postdoctoral researcher since 2018.
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