EHT awarded Royal Astronomical Society 2021 Group Achievement Award

Haystack among EHT institutions awarded Royal Astronomical Society 2021 Group Achievement Award for black hole imaging

Melanie Straight highlighted in Spotlight article

Straight's career honored by campus colleagues.

NEROC 2020: 5th Annual, 1st Virtual

This year's NEROC symposium consisted of a series of Fireside Chats and keynote talks.

Black hole shadow wobbling

Recent analysis of past observations reveal a persistence of and variation in the orientation of the black hole's shadow over several years.

Measuring Antarctic ice shelf stability

Grant awarded for monitoring Antarctic ice shelf stability using seismology, geodesy, and ice penetrators.

Haystack joins MIT-led team to forecast space weather

A team of scientists from across MIT, with partner institutions, will be improving the modeling of space weather storms for better forecasting.

Geodesy group receives five-year NASA grant

Haystack will continue the decades-long partnership with NASA's Space Geodesy Project (SGP).

Kazunori Akiyama hired as Research Scientist

Akiyama has been working at Haystack as a post-doctoral researcher and Jansky Fellow of NRAO since 2015.

The great dimming of Betelgeuse: Hubble observations provide insight

Haystack radio astronomer Lynn Matthews co-authors “Spatially Resolved Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of the Great Dimming of Betelgeuse.”

Larisa Goncharenko to lead CEDAR Science Steering Committee

Goncharenko has been named chair of a key CEDAR committee.

Undergraduates succeed in remote internships

This year's summer undergraduate interns adapted to the challenge of doing research from home.

Weak magnetic fields in the Serpens South star cluster

Haystack radio astronomer Jens Kauffmann is a co-author of "Magnetized filamentary gas flows feeding the young embedded cluster in Serpens South."

MOXIE: headed to Mars!

MOXIE will convert CO2 in the Mars atmosphere into oxygen.

SDR in August

Haystack scientists and engineers will be among those contributing to the August 2020 NEWSDR 2020 conference, held virtually this year.

Haystack is hiring!

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