Geodesy Projects

Projects in the Haystack geodesy group include research for space geodesy and VLBI as well as polar geodesy and studies of ice dynamics worldwide.

Advancing VGOS

The Haystack VLBI Geodetic Observing System (VGOS) signal chain has been in development since 2007 and in service since 2010. It was developed for NASA and has been installed in Texas and Hawaii.

Mark 6 VLBI data recording system

The Mark 6 VLBI data recording system is used by the VLBI community to record data onto hard disk drives at the high data rates—up to 16Gbps—required by cutting-edge applications such as the EHT and VGOS.

Haystack Observatory Post-Processing System (HOPS)

The iconic HOPS software package supports the analysis of geodetic and astronomical VLBI correlations.

Co-located techniques and atmospheric ties

Developing a method to incorporate constraints from atmospheric structure to improve the accuracy of relative site position estimates and ITRF combinations.

Chasing Icebergs

Using GPS to measure the effect of meltwater fluxes on ocean circulation around Greenland.

SIDEx: Sea Ice Dynamic Experiment

Measuring ice in the Arctic Circle.

SGIP: Antarctic Seismo-Geodetic Ice Penetrator

Monitoring the response of ice shelves in Antarctica to ocean forces.