Haystack publications across all research areas: astronomy, geodesy, geospace and atmospheric science, and space technology. Publications listed here each include at least one Haystack author.
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The Haystack Telescope as an Astronomical Instrument. Galaxies. (2023). DOI:

What Is the Altitude of Thermal Equilibrium?. Geophysical Research Letters. (2023). DOI:

First Detection of Radio Emission Associated with a Classical Cepheid. The Astronomical Journal. (2023). DOI:

Large‐Scale Disturbances in the Upper Thermosphere Induced by the 2022 Tonga Volcanic Eruption. Geophysical Research Letters. (2023). DOI:

Long‐Term Trends in the Upper Atmosphere Using the Incoherent Scatter Radar Observations Over Arecibo. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics. (2023). DOI:

Enabling Transformational ngEHT Science via the Inclusion of 86 GHz Capabilities. Galaxies. (2023). DOI:

Atmosphere-ionosphere coupling following the Tonga eruption: global multi-scale ionospheric effects. (2023). DOI:

Understanding storm-time multi-scale ionospheric structures at mid-latitudes. (2023). DOI:

Observations and modelling of fast vertical sub-auroral plasma uplift during geomagnetic storms. (2023). DOI:

Interannual Variability of Tidal Dynamics in the Tropical MLT. (2023). DOI:

Monitoring and understanding upper atmospheric long-term cooling. (2023). DOI:

Altitude extension of NCAR-TIEGCM (TIEGCM‑X) and evaluation. (2023). DOI:

Super-Resolved Image of M87 Observed with East Asian VLBI Network. Galaxies. (2023). DOI:

A Characterization of the ALMA Phasing System at 345 GHz. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. (2023). DOI:

The Past and Future of East Asia to Italy: Nearly Global VLBI. Galaxies. (2023). DOI:

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