Haystack publications across all research areas: astronomy, geodesy, geospace and atmospheric science, and space technology. Publications listed here each include at least one Haystack author.
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Low-frequency Radio Recombination Lines Away from the Inner Galactic Plane. The Astronomical Journal. (2024). DOI:

Characterizing Plasma Peak Density Thickness in the Ionosphere: A Single‐Site Multi‐Instrument Study. Radio Science. (2024). DOI:

Direct Observation of the Space Hurricane Disturbed Polar Thermosphere. Geophysical Research Letters. (2024). DOI:

Future Prospects for Constraining Black Hole Spacetime: Horizon-scale Variability of Astrophysical Jets. The Astrophysical Journal. (2024).

The persistent shadow of the supermassive black hole of M 87-I. Observations, calibration, imaging, and analysis. Astronomy & Astrophysics. (2024).

The persistent shadow of the supermassive black hole of M 87. I. Observations, calibration, imaging, and analysis. Astronomy and Astrophysics. (2024). DOI:

VizieR Online Data Catalog: M87* EHT image (Event Horizon Tel. Coll.+, 2024). VizieR Online Data Catalog. (2024). BIBCODE:

3‐D Ionospheric Imaging Over the South American Region With a New TEC‐Based Ionospheric Data Assimilation System (TIDAS‐SA). Space Weather. (2024). DOI:

The Turkey Earthquake Induced Equatorial Ionospheric Current Disturbances on 6 February 2023. Remote Sensing. (2024). DOI:

Ionospheric Disturbances Generated by the 2015 Calbuco Eruption: Comparison of GITM‐R Simulations and GNSS Observations. Space Weather. (2024). DOI:

STEVE Events With FUV Emissions. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics. (2024). DOI:

Unraveling Twisty Linear Polarization Morphologies in Black Hole Images. The Astrophysical Journal. (2023). DOI:

The Haystack Telescope as an Astronomical Instrument. Galaxies. (2023). DOI:

What Is the Altitude of Thermal Equilibrium?. Geophysical Research Letters. (2023). DOI:

First Detection of Radio Emission Associated with a Classical Cepheid. The Astronomical Journal. (2023). DOI:

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