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Long-term Trends in the Upper atmosphere using the incoherent scatter radar observations over Arecibo. (2022). DOI:

4-D regional ionosphere imaging and SED reconstruction with a new TEC-based ionospheric data assimilation system (TIDAS). (2022). DOI:

3‐D Regional Ionosphere Imaging and SED Reconstruction With a New TEC‐Based Ionospheric Data Assimilation System (TIDAS). Space Weather. (2022). DOI:

Influence of stratospheric gravity waves on TID activity at middle latitudes. (2022). DOI:

Tests of a New Solar Flare Model Against D and E Region Ionosphere Data. Space Weather. (2022). DOI:

Multi‐Scale Density Structures in the Plasmaspheric Plume During a Geomagnetic Storm. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics. (2022). DOI:

Multi-step vertical coupling from the troposphere to the thermosphere due to gravity waves. (2022). DOI:

Global Teleconnections between QBO Dynamics and ITM Anomalies. (2022). DOI:

Planetary wave-driven enhanced NO descent into the top of the Arctic polar vortex during major and minor sudden stratospheric warmings. (2022). DOI:

Ground-based Ku-band microwave observations of ozone in the polar middle atmosphere. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. (2022). DOI:

Statistical Study of Magnetospheric Conditions for SAPS and SAID. Geophysical Research Letters. (2022). DOI:

Using Temporal Relationship of Thermospheric Density With Geomagnetic Activity Indices and Joule Heating as Calibration for NRLMSISE‐00 During Geomagnetic Storms. Space Weather. (2022). DOI:

Significant ionospheric hole and equatorial plasma bubbles after the 2022 Tonga volcano eruption. (2022). DOI:

Pronounced Suppression and X‐Pattern Merging of Equatorial Ionization Anomalies After the 2022 Tonga Volcano Eruption. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics. (2022). DOI:

Methods for Estimation of Ionospheric Layer Height Characteristics from Doppler Frequency and Time of Flight Measurements on HF Skywave Signals. (2022). DOI:

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