Monitoring Arctic sea ice

A network of precision buoys is now tracking sea ice drift, deformation, and fracturing in the Beaufort Sea.

Dhiman Mondal hired as Research Scientist

Mondal has been working as a postdoctoral researcher since 2018.

Paul B. Sebring, first Haystack Observatory director, dies at 102

Founded the Northeast Radio Observatory Corporation (NEROC) and led Haystack Observatory from 1970–1980.

Haystack climate change research: how fast are icebergs melting?

Iceberg melt rates are calculated with precision GPS and improved geometry measurements.

Akiyama: now under “A” in Encyclopedia Britannica

The Encyclopedia Britannica places Akiyama on their list of important young scientists.

Former REU student co-authors research in Journal of Geophysical Research

Goncharenko, Tamburri, et al. published in JGR–Space Physics

EHT awarded Royal Astronomical Society 2021 Group Achievement Award

Haystack among EHT institutions awarded Royal Astronomical Society 2021 Group Achievement Award for black hole imaging

Melanie Straight highlighted in Spotlight article

Straight's career honored by campus colleagues.

NEROC 2020: 5th Annual, 1st Virtual

This year's NEROC symposium consisted of a series of Fireside Chats and keynote talks.

Black hole shadow wobbling

Recent analysis of past observations reveal a persistence of and variation in the orientation of the black hole's shadow over several years.

Measuring Antarctic ice shelf stability

Grant awarded for monitoring Antarctic ice shelf stability using seismology, geodesy, and ice penetrators.

Haystack joins MIT-led team to forecast space weather

A team of scientists from across MIT, with partner institutions, will be improving the modeling of space weather storms for better forecasting.

Geodesy group receives five-year NASA grant

Haystack will continue the decades-long partnership with NASA's Space Geodesy Project (SGP).

Kazunori Akiyama hired as Research Scientist

Akiyama has been working at Haystack as a post-doctoral researcher and Jansky Fellow of NRAO since 2015.

The great dimming of Betelgeuse: Hubble observations provide insight

Haystack radio astronomer Lynn Matthews co-authors “Spatially Resolved Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of the Great Dimming of Betelgeuse.”
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