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Statistical Analysis of Solar Geomagnetic Storm Occurrences

Seth Sivak

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I am Seth Sivak and I am currently a senior at Groton-Dunstable Regional High School in Groton, Massachusetts.  My work with Haystack is being done through the internship program offered by my high school.  The internship runs from April 1st to May 17th.  I have a great interest in space and in astronomy.  In the fall I will be attending Northeastern University and I will be studying Mechanical Engineering.  After graduation I would like to work on Satellite Design and Satellite Mission Design.  At Haystack I am working on a project to analyze geomagnetic storms and predict the best times to collect radar data on them.  This web site was created to show my work and research during this internship.

Primary Mentor: Larisa Goncharenko
Project Coordinator: Joseph E. Salah

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