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Haystack Observatory has an active outreach program to inform the public about the research specialties at the Observatory.  Scientists and technical specialists use their scientific knowledge and technical expertise to create programs that introduce people to radio astronomy, geodesy and atmospheric science.  Haystack scientists take an active role in planning and participating in events held at public museums, local libraries, schools, and at the Observatory.  In addition, the Observatory hosts a semi-annual Open House and conducts tours for special visitors, including classes from local high schools and colleges. The Observatory also hosts the Amateur Telescope Makers of Boston on the site (

High school and middle school teachers who wish to bring their students to Haystack for a tour should contact the receptionist at the Observatory (617-715.5400) or send an email to the contact email below to arrange a visit.  Before the day of the trip, teachers are encouraged to introduce their students to radio astronomy by using the educational materials found on Haystack’s Web site of pre-college resources.

Space Weather FX logo Space Weather FX is a vodcast (video podcast) series that explores the science of space weather and how it can impact our every day lives. Funded by a grant from NASA, atmospheric scientists from MIT Haystack Observatory, working together with Loch Ness Productions, have created an exciting introduction to what happens when the Sun stirs up a little space weather. Click on the graphic to connect to the Space Weather FX series.
Radio Stars Logo Radio Stars is a podcast series that explores how observations at radio wavelengths reveal surprising new insights into the lives and deaths of stars in our Galaxy. These podcasts have been funded by grants from the National Science Foundation and are being developed by MIT Haystack Observatory Research Scientist Dr. Lynn Matthews. Click on the graphic to download podcasts from this series.
Solar Storms to Radio Waves logo Solar Storms to Radio Waves is a museum exhibit designed for students in the upper elementary to high school age. It was created as a collaboration between staff members at MIT Haystack Observatory and The Discovery Museums in Acton, and funded by the National Science Foundation. The details of the exhibit are presented here to enable the reproduction of all aspects of the exhibit. Click on the graphic to learn more about the exhibit.




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