Chris Eckert (headshot)

Christopher Eckert

Engineer As a hardware engineer, I develop front-end radio receivers for geodetic and radar systems used in principal research and space situational awareness programs.
Office Phone 617-715-5581
Other Phone 240-240-8395

As a mechanical engineer, my skill set is focused on the design and implementation of next-generation radio instruments for use in astronomy, geodesy, atmospheric science, and deep space imaging radars. My work involves mechanical system design, RF hardware layout, cryogenic systems, circuit board development and layout, high vacuum chambers, structural analysis, field deployments, and system maintenance. I attended Syracuse University, where I studied history and mechanical engineering.

Spotlight Projects
SIDEx: Sea Ice Dynamic Experiment

Measuring ice in the Arctic Circle.

SGIP: Antarctic Seismo-Geodetic Ice Penetrator

Monitoring the response of ice shelves in Antarctica to ocean forces.