John Barrett

Radio Science Software Developer I write software related to the production, processing, and analysis of VLBI and radio astronomy data. I am primarily involved in geodesy (VGOS), the EHT, and EDGES.
Office Phone 617-715-3491

I am a graduate of the University of Massachusetts–Amherst class of 2008, and completed my doctoral dissertation on the KATRIN experiment under J. Formaggio at MIT LNS. I joined MIT Haystack Observatory in late 2016.

Spotlight Projects
Advancing VGOS

The Haystack VLBI Geodetic Observing System (VGOS) signal chain has been in development since 2007 and in service since 2010. It was developed for NASA and has been installed in Texas and Hawaii.

Haystack Observatory Post-Processing System (HOPS)

The iconic HOPS software package supports the analysis of geodetic and astronomical VLBI correlations.