Lenny Paritsky

Space Technology Lead Engineer Leading and growing Haystack's space program. Technology development for small spacecraft, systems engineering and technical project management, space mission architecture and design. Systems, Integration, and Test lead for AERO-VISTA. Co-I of the Great Observatory for Long Wavelengths (GO-LoW).
Office Phone 617-715-3496

As the Space Technology Lead, I focus on growing the space program and performing cutting-edge radio science from Earth’s orbit and beyond. My background is in aerospace and systems engineering with a focus on developing advanced technologies for small spacecraft, including: chemical rockets, electric propulsion systems, and novel 3D printing techniques. My active areas of research include: how to design and manage small satellite science missions, development of technology and instrumentation for space, detection of radio emissions from exoplanets, interferometric constellations, and space-based radar for planets, icy moons, and small bodies. 

Spotlight Projects
MOXIE: Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment

Demonstrating conversion of atmospheric CO2 to oxygen on the Martian surface.

AERO-VISTA CubeSat mission

A NASA twin CubeSat mission for auroral radio science and space interferometry technology.