Shunrong Zhang

Research Scientist I study geospace climatology, long-term changes, and storm-time disturbances. Immediate recent interests include studies of sub-auroral dynamics, SED/SAPS/TIDs, and more.
Office Phone 617-715-5725

Before joining MIT in 2001, I worked at Boston University, Kyoto University (Japan), International Center for Theoretical Physics (Italy), and  Wuhan Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). I received a BSc in 1987 from Peking University,  and a PhD in 1995 from CAS, all in Space Physics.  

My research interest is the general area of ionosphere-thermosphere coupling, from the upper atmospheric climatology, long-term changes, to ionospheric storm effect and plasma density gradients, ionospheric waves, and other transieent ionospheric perturbations. My research focuses primarily on subauroral and midlatitude dynamics.  I have published ~ 140 peer-reviewed papers, 50+ of which are as the first author.  

I am an active member of the CEDAR, AGU, and international research communities, severing the communities in various ways (journal paper/proposal reviewer; journal editor board  member; guest editor; journal special section coordinator;  scientific meeting convenor and program committee member; working group member and leader; seminar speaker; etc).  I collaborate with scientists in the US and  around the world.

Several websites that contain information for some of my other activities: ionospheric modeling effort; the Meridian ProjectMURI project.