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Everyone who plans to attend the IVS 2023 Technical Operations Workshop (TOW) must register. Registration consists of three parts:

Please review the Class List for detailed information.

Please contact Heidi Johnson at Haystack if you need assistance.

TOW 2023 Class Registration





  • Please sign up for the classes you would like to take.
  • Give each class a priority by entering a number in the box next to the course title. Start with 1 for the highest priority, 2 for the next, etc. Values between 1 and 25 are allowed.
  • Each priority that you enter must be a unique value; for example, you cannot specify more than one class as priority 1. Please select all of the workshops and seminars that you are interested in attending. If you have no interest in a class then leave the priority box blank.
  • You may sign up for as many classes as you like on this form. There will be time for up to about 15 classes during the TOW. We will assign a class schedule to each person and make our best effort to fit you into your top priority classes.
  • Please refer to the course descriptions as you make your selections.
  • Lectures and discussion are not included in the selections because all participants will have time open for these sessions.
—Operations Workshops—

—Maintenance Workshops—



Please indicate your English language ability, to help us place you in appropriate classes.
I can help someone needing special assistance with English during the classes.

Special Requests