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SRT Array Memo Series

001 031699   Description of "phase 1" SRT - DRAFT A.E.E. Rogers
002 030999   Pointing corrections due to azimuth axis tilt and lack of orthogonality of elevation axis A.E.E. Rogers
003 072299   SRT focus A.E.E. Rogers L. Kimball
004 072099   Feed support blockage on SRT A.E.E. Rogers L. Kimball
005 072699   Position switching on the moon and other weak continuum sources A.E.E. Rogers
006 081099   Measurement of Galactic rotation curve using 21-cm hydrogen emission A.E.E. Rogers L. Kimball
007 080299   Example of position switching measurements of Casseopeia A and the moon A.E.E. Rogers
008 080299   Spectral line calibration regions A.E.E. Rogers
009 072700   SRT Digital receiver W. Aldrich
010 081099   SRT receiver tests A.E.E. Rogers L. Kimball
011 113001   Measurement of Galactic Rotation Curve A.E.E. Rogers L. Kimball
012 062901   SRT receiver communication protocol A.E.E. Rogers
013 080901   Calculation of the Gray Chip filter response A.E.E. Rogers
014 090104   Preliminary single dish performance of new SRT A.E.E. Rogers
015 120104   GrayChip configuration settings A.E.E. Rogers
016 022805   SRT VLBI data format A.E.E. Rogers
017 061305   Catalog and command file keywords A.E.E. Rogers
018 061305   Interferometer geometry calculations A.E.E. Rogers
019 061305   VLBI data correlation A.E.E. Rogers
020 071505   VLBI data signal analysis A.E.E. Rogers
021 062006   Modelling Sun’s radio image using closure phase A.E.E. Rogers
022 062606   Firmware and software changes to support “fractional” counts from the motor drives A.E.E. Rogers
023 090707   Modeling the Solar Limb Brightening at 21 cm Using Amplitude and Closure Phase Measurements from a 3-Element Interferometer. J.Oiler A.E.E.Rogers
024 092208   Reducing emissions from the SRT A.E.E. Rogers  
025 063016   Block diagram and parts list for SRT using TV dongle A.E.E. Rogers  
026 090716   SRT observations of the 2017 solar eclipse A.E.E. Rogers  
027 081318   Low cost Small Radio Telescope Jeffrey Campbell A.E.E. Rogers