SRT/VSRT Executable Software for Windows

An installable/executable version of the SRT/VSRT control software is available for MS Windows based operating systems (95,98,Me,NT,XP,Vista,7,10).

Installation Guide

Download the SRT/VSRT Software  (ver 07.5)
Download the 64 bit  USB Frame Grabber Driver (VSRT only)

Note: The H180, Cassi and AlfaSpid files are now included in the ver 07.5 install package.

You may copy the appropriate .cat file to prior to running the SRT/VSRT software

SRT/VSRT '' Configuration File
The software download has default settings in the keyword file. The default is intended to allow a quick test of the USB frame grabber whether the computer is ready to operate a full VSRT setup or not.

The console should show the waveform (upper left corner) as pictured in the image below AND the frame-grabber hardware should have a green LED flashing near the small "frame stop" button

VSRT Console Image

It should be stressed that all the material and files included on this page
are subject to frequent updates.

Reloading the icaste USB driver

If you are unable to talk to the USB frame grabber used for acquiring data from the VSRT you should see error messages on the SRT/VSRT text window (which can be seen when the SRT/VSRT graphics window is minimized).  In this case you should check the frame grabber and its driver.  Go to the windows “control panel” click on “system” select “hardware” and then “device manager.”
[You will need administrator privileges.]
The frame grabber should be listed as IcasteCommUSB.  If this is not in the list try disconnecting and reconnecting the frame grabber USB cable.  If there is no driver loaded you should see a device labeled

“?other devices
which comes and goes as you connect and disconnect the device.
With the device connected the install Wizard window should come up

If windows latches onto the frame grabber with a different driver then within the device manager you need to find the device by connecting and disconnecting the device and seeing what changes on the device manager screen.  In this case right click on the device (which may be listed as USB2820) and select “update driver” and this will bring up the wizard.

0 – select No not this time
0 – select install from a list or specific location
0 – select Don’t search I will choose driver to install
0 – select Have Disk then browse and select icasteCommUSB which should be in c:\SRTvsrt

You should now see the windows “file transferring” graphical display of the driver file being installed using WdfCoInstaller01000.dll