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Archived Holography Memo Series

# Date Subject Author
90-1 101890 Elimination of multiple reflections A.E.E. Rogers
90-2 110990 Diffraction model for the Haystack Radome A.E.E. Rogers
90-3 112690 Corrections to improve the accuracy of the radome diffraction model A.E.E. Rogers
90-4 121090 Diffraction of subreflector and its support struts A.E.E. Rogers
90-5 122090 Performance of multiple reflection spoiler A.E.E. Rogers
91-1 041691 Reflection scattering from radome A.E.E. Rogers
91-2 031991 Correction for diffraction by the edge of the subreflector A.E.E. Rogers
91-3 040491 Corrector lens A.E.E. Rogers
91-4 041691 Improved gridding algorithm A.E.E. Rogers
91-5 052291 Diffraction Effects of Subreflector Deformation A.E.E. Rogers
91-6 110891 Subreflector titlts and lateral motion A.E.E. Rogers
91-7 120691 Holography artifacts and their am eliration A.E.E. Rogers
92-1 031392 What information can we get from a sun scan A.E.E. Rogers
92-2 032092 Panel structure unresolved by 91x91 holography A.E.E. Rogers
92-3 032592 Holography resolution functions Brian Corey
92-4 033192 Holography resolution functions - Addenda to 25 March 1992 Memo Brian Corey
92-5 040692 Inversion of the sun scan data A.E.E. Rogers
92-6 041792 Holography Feed Phase: Measurments and Model A.E.E. Rogers, Steve J. Murray
92-7 042492 Small scale roughness distribution from sunscans A.E.E. Rogers
92-8 050492 Sunscans taken on 29 april 1992 A.E.E. Rogers
92-9 101592 Pointing Accuracy Since Subreflector Installation Pointing Series #3 P.J. Charpentier
92-10 110292 Diffraction from deformable subreflector: comparison with observation A.E.E. Rogers
92-11 112592 Surface roughness loss for sinusoidal deviations A.E.E. Rogers
92-12 113092 Astigmatism optimization - comparison of radiometry and holography A.E.E. Rogers
92-13 113092 Recent investigations of upgrade problems A.E.E. Rogers
92-14 113092 Radome Loss A.E.E. Rogers
92-15 120192 rms variation with elevation: holography and radiometry A.E.E. Rogers
92-16a 120992 Some tests of radome panel loss A.E.E. Rogers
92-16b 120992 Some tests of radome panel losses A.E.E. Rogers
92-17 121492 Long and shorter holography feeds A.E.E. Rogers
92-18 121592 Proposal to use various offset mirrors to improve 80-120 GHz radiometry A.E.E. Rogers
92-19 121592 Methods to improve holography A.E.E. Rogers
92-20 121592 Comparison of focus from holography and radiometry A.E.E. Rogers, JA. Ball, R. Barvainis
93-1 021693 Unwanted reflections from subreflector A.E.E. Rogers
93-2 041593 Some simple thermal tests of antenna panels A.E.E. Rogers
93-3 042293 Calculated focus, beamwidth and lateral translation A.E.E. Rogers
93-4 042293 Surface Panel Thermal Characteristics A.E.E. Rogers
93-5 042393 Do the Haystack panels act as a uniform shell? A.E.E. Rogers
93-6 042693 Special tests to help diagnose the antenna gain A.E.E. Rogers, R.E. Barvainis
93-7 042993 Panel curvature** ("scalloping") A.E.E. Rogers
93-8 050393 More quantitative measure of scalloping A.E.E. Rogers
93-9 050793 Panel expansion coefficient A.E.E. Rogers
93-10 051093 More information on panel expansion coefficient A.E.E. Rogers
93-11 051093 Optimum illumination of Haystack A.E.E. Rogers
93-12 051793 Radome effects on baseline ripple and continuum sensitivity A.E.E. Rogers
93-13 051993 Errors in small scale roughness estimates A.E.E. Rogers
93-14 060193 A cone design for suppression of reflections from the subreflector A.E.E. Rogers
93-15 072393 Meeting held 22 July 1993 with SGH A.E.E. Rogers




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