William Rideout

Technical Staff Software support for geospace research at MIT Haystack. I oversee the Madrigal database, and processing of ISR and GNSS data available via Madrigal.
Office Phone 617-715-5624

I started working at MIT Haystack in 2001 after getting a masters degree in Computer Engineering at UMass Lowell, working with the Digisonde group.  Since coming here, I have led the development of the Madrigal database (  I have also led the software side of our GNSS processing to derive total electron content, one of the most popular data products on Madrigal.  I am also a key member of the software team in charge of processing our Incoherent Scatter Radar data.

In my spare time, I am one of the team proselytizing to my fellow employees the joys of riding a bicycle around the rural roads surrounding MIT Haystack.  At home, I have spent an unreasonable number of years helping to build the Squannacook River Rail Trail in Townsend and Groton, MA (, with construction finally starting in 2019.

Spotlight Projects
Madrigal Geospace Database

An upper-atmospheric science database at Haystack used by groups throughout the world. Madrigal manages archival and real-time data from a wide range of upper-atmospheric science instruments.

Millstone Hill Incoherent Scatter Radar

Incoherent scatter radar (ISR) has proved to be the most powerful and flexible ground-based instrument for probing the dynamics of thermal plasma in Earth’s ionosphere.