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EDGES Memo Series

Memo Date Title Author Author
001 122005 Proposed filter for detection of EOR spectral ramp A.E.E. Rogers
002 010406 Estimate of systematic errors in search for EOR global step A.E.E. Rogers
003 010406 Development of sensitive compact RFI/EOR monitor A.E.E. Rogers
004 011106 RFI avoidance by lowering the antenna A.E.E. Rogers
005 012406 Effect of the frequency of the beam patterns on EOR signature A.E.E. Rogers
006 013106 tests of active antenna for RFI monitor A.E.E. Rogers
007 020306 Dipole beam change with frequency A.E.E. Rogers
008 020306 Active antenna for spectrum monitor and EOR A.E.E. Rogers
009 020706 Model of active antenna noise A.E.E. Rogers
010 021406 Absolute calibration of an active antenna A.E.E. Rogers
011 030206 Absolute calibration of an active antenna A.E.E. Rogers
012 062806 RFI Scout Trip to California and Nevada J.D. Bowman
013 062906 VSWR Measurements of four-point dipole antenna for EDGES J.D. Bowman
014 071706 EDGES and AC240 RFI monitor parameters A.E.E. Rogers
015 072506 Correction antenna temperature for cable attenuation and antenna mismatch A.E.E. Rogers
016 080706  Improved input match for low frequency LNA A.E.E. Rogers
017 081706 Absolute sky calibration using EDGES A.E.E. Rogers
018 082806 Noise and error sources in 3 position switching A.E.E. Rogers
019 090606

EDGES Sensitivity to Galactic Radio Recombination Lines

J.D. Bowman
020 090606 Comparison of Galactic Noise at Potential EDGES Sites J.D. Bowman
021 090806 Evaluation of EDGES at West Forks, Maine A.E.E. Rogers
022 110206 Estimate of ripple due to common mode reflections on cable to LNA. A.E.E. Rogers
023 112106 Using EDGES spectrometer to measure the antenna reflection coefficient A.E.E. Rogers
024 121806 EDGES data analysis A.E.E. Rogers
025 121806 Deployment of EDGES at Mileura Station, Western Australia A.E.E. Rogers, J.D. Bowman
027 020507 Defects in ADCs evident in long integrations A.E.E. Rogers
028 020507 Satellite signals in the 100 to 200 MHz band A.E.E. Rogers
029 041302 New inexpensive approach to EDGES and SRT spectrometers A.E.E. Rogers
030 060107 Tests of MWA LNAs A.E.E. Rogers
031 060107 Measurements of MWA antenna impedance A.E.E. Rogers
032  060407 MWA active antenna noise simulations A.E.E. Rogers
033  060407 Tests of MWA antenna modification A.E.E. Rogers
034 080907 Local oscillator frequency cycling A.E.E. Rogers
035 091207 Some notes on various switching schemes A.E.E. Rogers
036 091807 Expected performance of a narrowband “frequency cycled” system. A.E.E. Rogers
037 121207 Arrays with MWAS and modified MWA Antennas A.E.E. Rogers
038 020508 Comparison of the MWA bowtie, shortwide and shortwide with stubs. A.E.E. Rogers
039 060908

Tests of the global neutral hydrogen signature in the 60-150 MHz band

A.E.E. Rogers
040 071008

Methods of smoothing spectra

A.E.E. Rogers
041 102808 Effects of digitizer non linearity A.E.E. Rogers
042 010709 EDGES system using direct sampling 12-bit ADC A.E.E. Rogers
043 101111 Balun with improved balance A.E.E. Rogers
044 011609 Tests of EDGES DP310 12-bit ADC at Forks, Maine A.E.E. Rogers
045 031809 California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA 91125
J.D. Bowman
046 051109

Theoretical noise for 3-position switching using Acqiris DP310

A.E.E. Rogers
047 051409 Further analysis of 2009 EDGES data from Boolardy A.E.E. Rogers
048 072709 Using Galactic noise variation to extract EoR signatures (Revised) A.E.E. Rogers
049 072709 Model of the level of systematics in DP310 A.E.E. Rogers
050 090309 LNA Noise Correlation A.E.E. Rogers
051 102109 Tests of AC240 spectrometer using out of band added noise A.E.E. Rogers
052 110409 Measurements of the spectrum from 80 to 200 MHz in the Catlow Valley Oregon A.E.E. Rogers J.D. Bowman
053  111909 Path loss needed to meet ITU RA769-1 A.E.E. Rogers
054 120109 Meteor scatter rates A.E.E. Rogers
055 121509 More on using Galactic noise for calibration A.E.E. Rogers
056 010810 Current limits of EDGES performance using DP310 A.E.E. Rogers J.D. Bowman
057 101210 Simulations of EoR signature detection A.E.E. Rogers
058 012710 RFI Statistics at Boolardy A.E.E. Rogers
059 031210 Tests of long integration using AC240 A.E.E. Rogers
060 060810 Extending spectrometer frequency range A.E.E. Rogers
061 071410 Simulations of EoR with different fitting parameters A.E.E. Rogers
062 092010 EDGES LNA Optimization A.E.E. Rogers
063 100610 Simulation of performance with LNA calibration A.E.E. Rogers
064 100610 Model fitting functions A.E.E. Rogers
065 102710 Preliminary results of modeling EDGES A.E.E. Rogers
066 122110 Extending the EDGES frequency range to cover 40 to 190 MHz A.E.E. Rogers
067 012611 Additional systematics in EDGES electronics A.E.E. Rogers
068 031611 Noise Diode Tests A.E.E. Rogers
069 050311 Optimization of EDGES Fourpoint antenna using FEKO A.E.E. Rogers
070 052511 Effect of attenuation the sensitivity of EDGES to antenna match A.E.E. Rogers


Effect of antenna beam pattern on the detectability of EoR A.E.E. Rogers
072 071111 Balun model and measurements A.E.E. Rogers D. Cele
073 071612 Updated: Spectral flatness of HP346C noise source A.E.E. Rogers D. Cele
074 071111 Sensitivity of antenna impedance to environment change A.E.E. Rogers D. Cele
075 072711 Tests of EDGES calibration at West Forks Maine A.E.E. Rogers D. Cele
076 072711 Noise wave analysis using reflection coefficients referenced to 50 ohms A.E.E. Rogers
077 081111 Calibration sensitivity to LNA and antenna parameter errors A.E.E. Rogers
078 081111 Noise model for balun, antenna loss and ground pickup A.E.E. Rogers
079 083011 Temperature contribution of ionosphere to the sky noise spectrum A.E.E. Rogers
080 091211 Absolute calibration of sky noise spectrum using a wideband antenna A.E.E. Rogers
081 120611 Initial Lab tests of absolute calibration A.E.E. Rogers
082 122011 A laboratory test of the absolute calibration using an antenna simulator A.E.E. Rogers
083 013112 Low loss torodial air core balun A.E.E. Rogers
084 020712 Tests of VNA accuracy A.E.E. Rogers
085 022112 Tests of EDGES calibration A.E.E. Rogers
086 032912 Methods for improved calibration of VNA A.E.E. Rogers
087 042312 The "Roberts" balun A.E.E. Rogers
088 090514 Effect of ground plane size on ground loss A.E.E. Rogers
089 080212 Tests of prototype Fourpoint antenna with modified Roberts balun A.E.E. Rogers
090 080712 Additional calibration steps for improving VNA accuracy A.E.E. Rogers
091 081612 Simulation of EDGES.2 systematic error A.E.E. Rogers
092 082012 EDGES Temperature monitor A.E.E. Rogers
093 091212 Calibration and temperature corrections for high accuracy VNA measurements A.E.E. Rogers
094 082312 Set of basis functions needed to account for EDGES systematics A.E.E. Rogers
095 121012 Updated:EDGES antenna design notes A.E.E. Rogers
096 091912 Summary of EDGES-2 calibration and processing A.E.E. Rogers
097 091912 Test of absolute accuracy of N5222A VNA A.E.E. Rogers
098 010713 Estimate of EDGES-2 Antenna loss A.E.E. Rogers
099 092712 Preliminary estimates of EDGES-2 error sources. A.E.E. Rogers
100 110612 Estimate of the Spectral flatness of a hot filament source. A.E.E. Rogers
101 120612 Simulation of the removal of the foreground and ionosphere A.E.E. Rogers
102 121812 EDGES LNA Improvements A.E.E. Rogers
103 121312 Stability measurements of VNA, coaxial cable, and antenna with Roberts balun Raul Monsalve
104 011413 EDGES-2 Laboratory tests of absolute calibration A.E.E. Rogers
105 012313 Simulations of attenuation and delay between 3-position switch and LNA A.E.E. Rogers
106 013113 Options and error estimates for EDGES-2 deployment A.E.E. Rogers
107 030513 Sensitivity of EDGES Antenna Propotype to Different Perturbations Raul Monsalve
108 030513 Proposed EDGES2 installation A.E.E. Rogers
109 032613 Some tests of cable stability for S11 measurements A.E.E. Rogers
110 032813 Effect of moving the reference point A.E.E. Rogers
111 040913 Tests of the phase and impedance stability of LDF2-50A heliax cable A.E.E. Rogers
112 042213 Using EDGES to correct changes in antenna ref A.E.E. Rogers
113 040715 Updated: Summary EDGES processing software A.E.E. Rogers
114 050113 Measurements of VNA noise and simulations of their effect on EoR estimation A.E.E. Rogers
115 060413 Effect of a cable impedance deviation in loss estimate A.E.E. Rogers
116 013017 Characteristics and stability of EDGES electronics A.E.E. Rogers
117 061713 Noise analysis of an imperfect attenuator A.E.E. Rogers
118 070813 Simulations of the removal of the foreground, ionosphere and frequency dependence of the beam A.E.E. Rogers
119 070213 Thermal Control of EDGES front-end box A.E.E. Rogers
120 071113 Comparative tests of EDGES-2 electronics A.E.E. Rogers
121 072313 Lab tests with long integrations A.E.E. Rogers
122 080713 Effect of VNA phase errors A.E.E. Rogers
123 090913 Thermal control for above ground LNA box A.E.E. Rogers
124 090513 Effect of Error in the VNA Calibration Standards, on Measured Reflection Coeffient Raul Monsalve
125 092313 The dependence the Roberts balun loss on antenna reflection phase A.E.E. Rogers
126 102813 Updated: Bench tests of cable loss between antenna and LNA A.E.E. Rogers
127 101713 An examination of potential improvements A.E.E. Rogers
128 121013 Simple model for the temperature coefficient EDGES antenna S11 A.E.E. Rogers
129 121613 Sensitivities of EDGES-2 to instrumental error A.E.E. Rogers
130 121813 "Cross-check" of HP85047A/8753C VNA accuracy A.E.E. Rogers
131 010614 Estimation of VNA accuracy for measurements antenna S11 A.E.E. Rogers
132 010614 Measurement of cable loss between LNA and antenna. A.E.E. Rogers
133 012214 Checks of SOL calibration standards A.E.E. Rogers
134 012914 Measurement of the loss of SOL standards A.E.E. Rogers
135 020714 Checks of VNA linearity A.E.E. Rogers
136 020714 EDGES2 error budget A.E.E. Rogers
137 030614 Iterative RFI Excision A.E.E. Rogers
138 031814 EZNEC tests for ground plane and box cover resonances A.E.E. Rogers
139 032014 Additive and multiplicative terms in foreground, ionosphere and antenna loss. A.E.E. Rogers
140 041414 Effect of antenna resonances on beam pattern. A.E.E. Rogers
141 042914 Spectral effects of LNA box on antenna beam. A.E.E. Rogers
142 050614 Low order fits to the effect of antenna beam change. A.E.E. Rogers
143 060214 Weighted electron temperature in ionosphere from EDGES-2 data. A.E.E. Rogers
144 073114 Characterization of RFI at the UNR Gund Ranch R. Monsalve T. Mozdzen
145 051915 Using Galactic noise variation to extract EoR revisited. A.E.E. Rogers
146 091614 Altitude dependent ionospheric absorption and electron temperature J. Vierinen
147 091914 Laboratory tests of air circulation cooling A.E.E. Rogers
148 100714 Measurements of EDGES-2 high band balun loss A.E.E. Rogers
149 110514 Preliminary results from 2014 deployment A.E.E. Rogers
150 111814 EDGES Antenna Beamshift Resonance A.E.E. Rogers
151 120114 Frequency dependence of the EDGES antenna beam A.E.E. Rogers
152 121014 Comparison of Blade antenna for EDGES A.E.E. Rogers
153 121814 Changes to EDGES antenna to minimize frequency dependence of beam A.E.E. Rogers
154 060815 Measurements of blade antenna prototype A.E.E. Rogers
155 010615 Simulation of limits imposed by frequency structure in antenna beam A.E.E. Rogers
156 011415 EDGES2 error budget update A.E.E. Rogers
157 012915 Tests of balun loss using active cold load A.E.E. Rogers
158 021015 Study of feature at 115 MHz A.E.E. Rogers
159 021815 Estimates of the flux and spectral index of the quiet Sun A.E.E. Rogers
160 030315 Preliminary results for January 2015 deployment A.E.E. Rogers
161 030415 Estimated effect of moisture on EDGES antenna A.E.E. Rogers
162 031015 Proposed design of low band antenna A.E.E. Rogers
163 032415 General trends in antenna design for constant beam A.E.E. Rogers
164 041415 Improving the LNA performance A.E.E. Rogers
165 042115 Minor adjustments to LNA for improved S11 below 100 MHz A.E.E. Rogers
166 042115 Tests of low band antenna at Haystack A.E.E. Rogers
167 051315 Preliminary results for the period 18 April to 5 May 2015 A.E.E. Rogers
168 052015 FEKO tests of slot resonances A.E.E. Rogers
169 060215 Limits of EoR signature detection imposed by systematics A.E.E. Rogers
170 071615 Limits set by the foreground due to frequency dependence of the beam A.E.E. Rogers
171 090315 High band results using Blade antenna A.E.E. Rogers
172 091415 Comparison of two methods for "Galaxy" calibration A.E.E. Rogers
173 092115 excision of weak broadband RFI Signals A.E.E. Rogers
174 092115 EDGES Noise A.E.E. Rogers
175 100715 Simulations of error sources for EDGES-2 blade antenna A.E.E. Rogers
176 110215 Checks and cross-checks of EDGES calibration A.E.E. Rogers
177 110415 High and low band comparisons A.E.E. Rogers
178 111715 Simulations of moisture on blade antenna A.E.E. Rogers
179 032116 Estimate of the effect of the Earth ground under the ground plane A.E.E. Rogers
180 112415 Simulations of the sensitivity to errors in balun loss parameters A.E.E. Rogers
181 121015 Model of low frequency balun compared with lab measurements of S11 A.E.E. Rogers
182 121615 EDGES-2 error budget update #2 A.E.E. Rogers
183 010416 Spectral Structure at the Low end of Low Band A.E.E. Rogers
184 010416 Beam effects of finite ground plane A.E.E. Rogers
185 011216 More tests of the effects of finite ground plane A.E.E. Rogers
186 012016 Contribution of the ground plane to antenna beam chromaticity A.E.E. Rogers
187 021016 Comparison of frequency structure in beam and loss from simulations and EDGES data A.E.E. Rogers
188 022216 Comparison of high and low band data with beam effects computed with infinite and finite ground plane. A.E.E. Rogers
189 022916 Sensitivity of the frequency dependence of beam to ground plane parameters. A.E.E. Rogers
190 030916 Physical functions vs polynomial. A.E.E. Rogers
191 031716 Preliminary estimate of the effect of foreground polarization. A.E.E. Rogers
192 032816 Tests of the sensitivity of low band to systematics. A.E.E. Rogers
193 042816 Estimate of temperature gradient in EDGES receiver enclosure. A.E.E. Rogers
194 040516 Simulations of the effect of the electronics hut on the low band data. A.E.E. Rogers
195 041116 Comparison of fine structure in the high and low band spectra. A.E.E. Rogers
196 102816 Feature at 84 MHz. A.E.E. Rogers
197 042016 Low band balun tube and Airline as a candidates for "external" validation of VNA Calibration. A.E.E. Rogers
198 050516 Simulations of averaging beam effects over local sidreal time and antenna orientation. A.E.E. Rogers
199 070918 Artificial Antenna Simulator. A.E.E. Rogers
200 051116 Spectral index from high and low band. A.E.E. Rogers
201 051816 Effects of different ground plane models on low band results. A.E.E. Rogers
202 053116 Tests of Galaxy calibration using low and high band data. A.E.E. Rogers
203 062716 Dependence of the low band spectra on the Galactic center Hour Angle (GHA). A.E.E. Rogers
204 061516 Proposed low band ground plane design. A.E.E. Rogers
205 062716 Tests of super hydrophobic coatings for dew reduction on blade antenna. A.E.E. Rogers
206 071116 Effect of ground plane model parameters. A.E.E. Rogers
207 072016 Sensitivity to ground plane defects. A.E.E. Rogers
208 072616 Evidence of possible resonance at 70 MHz in the low band data. A.E.E. Rogers
209 033020 Theoretical approximations for a slot antenna resonance. A.E.E. Rogers
210 071117 Second low band antenna and balun tests. A.E.E. Rogers
211 081816 Tests of fitting, filtering and averaging schemes. A.E.E. Rogers
212 083016 EDGES-2 low band error budget. A.E.E. Rogers
213 091316 RFI in low band. A.E.E. Rogers
214 100416 First dat from extended ground plane. A.E.E. Rogers
215 101816 Tests of Galaxy calibration using low band data from extended ground plane A.E.E. Rogers
216 101816 Low band balun with slightly lower loss. A.E.E. Rogers
217 102716 Sensitivity of spectral residuals with 3 parameters removed to systematics. A.E.E. Rogers
218 110716 Further improvements and tests of the LNA. A.E.E. Rogers
219 111416 Results of measurements of an artificial antenna noise source. A.E.E. Rogers
220 112916 21-cm absorption signatue for large optical depth. A.E.E. Rogers
221 120216 Optical depth calculation A.E.E. Rogers
222 121916 Tests of the effect of systematics in the search for absorption signature in low band data A.E.E. Rogers
223 122716 Tests of the levels of Lyman alpha which lead to a flattened absorption profile A.E.E. Rogers
224 122716 Simulations of the reduction of beam effects by averaging over GHA A.E.E. Rogers
225 122916 Amplitude of absorption signature vs Galactic Center hour angle A.E.E. Rogers
226 010417 Tests of variations of absorption signature shape A.E.E. Rogers
227 011017 Tests of the effects of RFI from 50 to 100 MHz. A.E.E. Rogers
228 011217 Tests of EDGES spectrometer using a noise source based on antenna simulator. A.E.E. Rogers
229 012317 Ionospheric absorption from low band data. A.E.E. Rogers
230 013117 3-position switch noise bias. A.E.E. Rogers
231 021417 Tests of the FEKO beam accuracy A.E.E. Rogers
232 021517 Recalibration of high band receiver A.E.E. Rogers
233 021517 Simulations of the effects of systematics on a specific absorption signature A.E.E. Rogers
234 022117 Suggested improved orientation for second low band ground plane. A.E.E. Rogers
235 022317 Minor changes to increase EDGES accuracy. A.E.E. Rogers
236 022817 Comparison of the effect of systematics in 4 and 5 term search for absorption in low band data. A.E.E. Rogers
237 030817 Sensitivity of absorption signature search to LNA S11 error. A.E.E. Rogers
238 031317 Tests of LNA input S11 and switch contact resistance. A.E.E. Rogers
239 031317 Sensitivity of absorption signature search on ground plane loss. A.E.E. Rogers
240 031517 Low band signature search using only Galaxy up data. A.E.E. Rogers
241 032817 Simulations of rensonances in balun shield. A.E.E. Rogers
242 032817 Sensitivity of calibration to integration time. A.E.E. Rogers
243 041117 Detection of changes in receiver calibration. A.E.E. Rogers
244 042617 Sensitivity of the lowband signature to RFI excision parameters. A.E.E. Rogers
245 042817 Summary of lowband results and tests. A.E.E. Rogers
246 050817 Sensitivity of the variation of the signature amplitude with GHA to systematics. A.E.E. Rogers
247 050817 Galaxy calibration of low band data. A.E.E. Rogers
248 051017 Comparison of beam models. A.E.E. Rogers
249 051517 Ranking of systematics in signature search. A.E.E. Rogers
250 051617 RFI excision of FM signals. A.E.E. Rogers
251 052517 Simulations of signature detection with small ground plane. A.E.E. Rogers
252 060617 Simulations of signature search with different number of added function. A.E.E. Rogers
253 061217 Lowband1 2017 calibration differences. A.E.E. Rogers
254 062017 Simulations of the effects of systematics on signature detection. A.E.E. Rogers
255 062717 Effects of temperature on internal loads in automated antenna S11 measurements. A.E.E. Rogers
256 071817 Effect of using receiver calibrations made at different temperatures. A.E.E. Rogers
257 071817 Effects of beam correction, loss and calibration on lowband1 data. A.E.E. Rogers
258 033020 Lowband ground loss for extended ground plane from FEKO with soil dielectric. A.E.E. Rogers
259 072417 Tests of the changes in signature with local time, and temperature and humidity. A.E.E. Rogers
260 112117 Lowband1 and Lowband2 signature search using lowband2 receiver calibrations at 15 and 35 C. A.E.E. Rogers
261 072417 The effect of galactic recombination lines on the signature. A.E.E. Rogers
262 080417 Effect of errors in the assumed S11 of calibration SOL on signature amplitude via antenna S11 error. A.E.E. Rogers
263 080417 Beam chromaticity and ground loss vs ground plane size. A.E.E. Rogers
264 081417 Automated S11 measurement system calibration. A.E.E. Rogers
265 091117 Foreground and beam chromaticity contribution to lowband spectra. A.E.E. Rogers
266 091117 Optimization of a mid band antenna. A.E.E. Rogers
267 111617 Tests of mid band antenna. A.E.E. Rogers
268 112117 Cancellation of 3-position switch noise bias. A.E.E. Rogers
269 120417 Initial tests of silicon dioxide cable box. A.E.E. Rogers
270 121817 Tests of the midband balun and connector loss. A.E.E. Rogers
271 011118 Changes of the ranking of systematics with bandwidth. A.E.E. Rogers
272 012318 Estimates of signature confidence for lowband data using delta Chi-squared boundaries. A.E.E. Rogers
273 020618 Modeling of midland balun loss. A.E.E. Rogers
274 042420 Evidence for intermittent antenna S11 for lowband2 data. A.E.E. Rogers
275 032718 Results from the EDGES-1 antenna which is electrically small at low band. A.E.E. Rogers
276 040418 Midband results from 2017_329 to 2018_043. A.E.E. Rogers
277 041018 Limitations of the MOM in calculating the antenna beam using Greenís functions for lossy ground. A.E.E. Rogers
278 041918 Absorption profile fitting tests on data release. A.E.E. Rogers
279 070918 Estimate of the chromaticity of the foreground reflected from the lunar surface. A.E.E. Rogers
280 062118 Beam chromaticity and ground loss for lowband on 5◊5 m ground plane. A.E.E. Rogers
281 062618 Midband results using recalibrated receiver 1 from 2018_146 to 2018_174.. A.E.E. Rogers
282 071718 Results of field measurements of noise source antenna simulator. A.E.E. Rogers
283 080618 Simulations of resonances in lowband ground plane due to poor connectivity. A.E.E. Rogers
284 081418 Mechanism for interconnection resonances. A.E.E. Rogers
285 082818 Preliminary results from lowband antenna on highband ground plane. A.E.E. Rogers
286 082918 Weighted least squares signature using low and midband data. A.E.E. Rogers
287 090518 Signature search for midband and lowband2 vs GHA. A.E.E. Rogers
288 092518 Comparison of vertical and horizontal antennas on soil ground. A.E.E. Rogers
289 101718 Considerations for placing the electronics on the antenna. A.E.E. Rogers
290 102518 Comparison of ground loss from LOW3 data with FEKO model. A.E.E. Rogers
291 111918 FEKO simulations for EDGES-3 box blade antenna. A.E.E. Rogers
292 112718 Comparison of different EDGES antennas. A.E.E. Rogers
293 120318 Update on aspects of the EDGES-3 antenna and electronics design. A.E.E. Rogers
294 010219 Simulations of EDGES-3 chromaticity and ground loss for potential deployment in Oregon. A.E.E. Rogers
295 010319 Simulations of chromaticity effects of non-uniform soil. A.E.E. Rogers
296 013119 Reconnaissance of Skull Creek Reservoir area located in Catlow Valley, Oregon. Mark Derome
297 030419 Sensitivity of the beam chromaticity midband antenna on large ground plane A.E.E. Rogers
298 030719 Simulations of EDGES-3 antenna and wire grid ground plane A.E.E. Rogers
299 051419 Estimates of isolation requirements for EDGES-3 electronics A.E.E. Rogers
300 082819 Details of EDGES-3 prototype A.E.E. Rogers
301 061019 Study of RFI generated by EDGES-3 A.E.E. Rogers
302 070819 Initial Test of EDGES-3 antenna S11 A.E.E. Rogers
303 070819 Simulations of the effects of EDGES-3 S11 corrections A.E.E. Rogers
304 071119 EDGES-3 Thermal Tests A.E.E. Rogers
305 071619 Test of EDGES-3 using antenna simulator A.E.E. Rogers
306 072919 EDGES-3 Test observations at West Forks Maine A.E.E. Rogers et al.
307 0730919 Tests of the effects of strong RFI A.E.E. Rogers et al.
308 082719 Ground Plane Analysis for EDGES-3 Test Deployment in Oregon Ethan Bair A.E.E. Rogers
309 090419 Shielding factor from non-uniform ground A.E.E. Rogers
310 092719 EDGES-3 test deployment at Skull Creek, Oregon A.E.E. Rogers et al.
311 101719 Estimate of meteor scatter rates and filter thresholds A.E.E. Rogers
312 102519 Proposed air circulation system for EDGES-3 A.E.E. Rogers
313 110419 Optimization of EDGES-3 antenna A.E.E. Rogers
314 111219 Proposed air circulation for EDGES-3 at the MRO A.E.E. Rogers
315 112019 Comparison of EDGES-3 on different ground planes A.E.E. Rogers
316 112619 Estimate of ground plane mesh and antenna loss A.E.E. Rogers
317 121119 Comparison of square circular and perforated ground planes A.E.E. Rogers
318 010220 Effects of adjacent ground planes and antennas A.E.E. Rogers
319 010620 Simulations of the sensitivity of systematic errors in VNA S11 measurements to LNA parameters A.E.E. Rogers
320 010620 Estimates of RFI emissions from EDGES-3 A.E.E. Rogers
321 011620 Test of 100 ps error in VNA calibration measurement A.E.E. Rogers
322 012220 Sensitivity simulations of EDGES-3 to VNA measurement errors A.E.E. Rogers
323 021120 Improvement in bandwidth of EDGES-3 chromaticity using a cone under the antenna A.E.E. Rogers
324 022420 Insulation cover for EDGES A.E.E. Rogers
325 033020 ADC saturation by lightning A.E.E. Rogers
326 030420 Boolardy Site Visit Log - February 2020 J. Barrett et al.
327 031620 Simulations of resistive loss in galvanized steel A.E.E. Rogers et al.
328 032620 Simulations of resistive loss in galvanized mesh surrounding aluminum baseplate A.E.E. Rogers et al.
329 033120 Antenna resistive loss estimates A.E.E. Rogers
330 040920 Preliminary analysis of data from Lowband 2 on large perforated ground plane A.E.E. Rogers
331 041720 Tests of antenna S11 measurements A.E.E. Rogers
332 042720 Simulations of the self-detectability of error sources in EDGES-3 A.E.E. Rogers
333 050720 Effect of I/Q crosstalk in VNA measurements A.E.E. Rogers
334 051420 Circuit model simulation of EDGES data A.E.E. Rogers
335 052820 Noise and fine frequency structure in EDGES data and simulations A.E.E. Rogers
336 061720 Beam correction comparison tests using sky maps at 45 and 408 MHz and correction for antenna tilt. A.E.E. Rogers
337 070120 Simulations of the chromaticity of the lowband antenna on an uneven ground plane. A.E.E. Rogers


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