Mark 6 Memo Series

Mark 6 VLBI Data System

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The Mark 6 system, developed by Haystack Observatory, is a 16 Gbps next-generation disk-based VLBI data system based on high-performance commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and open-source software.

Haystack Observatory also gratefully acknowledges the support of the NASA/GSFC High-End Network Computing Group for consultation on high-performance COTS hardware that have greatly helped in the development of Mark 6.

Mark 6 Memos

001Mark6 command set draft 2.6dA.Whitney, D.Lapsley20111103
002Mark6 usage example draft 2.6dA.Whitney, D.Lapsley20111202
003Proposal for Mark6-DiFX demo at TOW mtgA.Whitney, D.Lapsley, M.Taveniku20110527
004Mark6 data system DiFX presentationA.Whitney, D.Lapsley20111205
005Mark6: Design and StatusR.Cappallo, C.Ruszczyk, A.Whitney20130606
006Mark6 Reliability and Power Requirements StudyC. Ruszczyk20141124
007Mark6 MaintenanceC. Ruszczyk20141209
008Mark6 Fault Light CodesC. Ruszczyk20170208
009Mark6 Host Bus Adapter Cards Setup VerificationC. Ruszczyk20170306
010Mark6 expansion chassis power supply issue: detection and repairC. Ruszczyk20230210
011Mark6 Hypobaric Chamber Thermal Testing, Sep 28, 2023J. Barrett20231020