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Spectral Index Distributions of Extragalactic Radio Sources.. Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society. (1971). BIBCODE:….3R.447C

Interpretation of the Ohio Radio Source Counts. Nature Physical Science. (1971). DOI:

Accurate Flux Density Measurements at Arecibo. Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society. (1971). BIBCODE:….3…23C

Decimetric Spectra of Some Unusual Radio Sources. Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society. (1971). BIBCODE:….3…24J

Flux Density Measurements of Parkes Sources at 430 MHz. Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society. (1971). BIBCODE:….3Q..25N

Flux Densities and Spectra of Extragalactic Radio Sources.. Ph.D. Thesis. (1971). BIBCODE:………1N

Improved Spectra of Some Ohio Radio Sources with Unusual Spectra. The Astrophysical Journal. (1970). DOI:

Declination Measurements of Selected 4C Sources Using the Arecibo 1000-ft Reflector. The Astronomical Journal. (1969). DOI:

Observing—and Imaging—Active Galactic Nuclei with the Event Horizon Telescope. (). DOI:

The Impact of Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances on Global Navigation Satellite System Services. ().

The AERO-VISTA Interactive Spectrogram Display: An Original Software Solution for Scientific Operations of Twin 6U CubeSats. Small Satellite Conference. ().

An FPGA-based array processor for an ionospheric-imaging radar. Proceedings 2000 IEEE Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (Cat. No.PR00871). (). DOI:

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