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Deuterium Array Memo Series

001 080601   Development of digital receiver technology and the construction of a 327 MHz array optimized for the detection of the hyperfine deuterium line. A.E.E. Rogers
002 082001   Estimates of the interference susceptibility A.E.E. Rogers
003 082301   The sensitivity of a sky noise dominated array A.E.E. Rogers
004 110101 060702 D1 array "project book" A.E.E. Rogers
005 113001   Single station spectra beam former A.E.E. Rogers
006 042302   "Standing Waves" in arrays A.E.E. Rogers
007 042302   Suggested interference monitor A.E.E. Rogers
008 042902   Intermodulation IP2 and IP3 requirements for D1 array A.E.E. Rogers
009 043002   IP2 measurement on the bench and in the field A.E.E. Rogers
010 052202   Measurement of the active antenna noise temperature from the sidereal variation of sky noise A.E.E. Rogers
011 052202   Expected D1 line strengths for the Galactic center and anticenter A.E.E. Rogers
012 052202   RFI sensitivity: Galactic center vs anticenter A.E.E. Rogers
013 052402   Calculation of the Gray Chip filter response A.E.E. Rogers
014 052402 121202 Preliminary Gray Chip configuration -Revised A.E.E. Rogers
015 060702   Data rates in the station electronics A.E.E. Rogers
016 122002   Preliminary receiver gain settings and measurements A.E.E. Rogers
017 010203   Correlation from beam power A.E.E. Rogers
018 011403   Out of Band Rejection E. Kratzenberg
019 020503   Estimate of RFI sensitivity for D1 array A.E.E. Rogers
020 0020603   Options or improving the rejection of RFI from horizon A.E.E. Rogers
021 031703   Test sources for initial 4x4 array A.E.E. Rogers
022 040203   Sensitivity of receivers to internal RFI A.E.E. Rogers
023 041503   Useful normalizations A.E.E. Rogers
024 042803 Revised Summary of performance on prototype array with 15 elements A.E.E. Rogers
025 042403   Proposed details of RFI reduction fence A.E.E. Rogers
026 042403   Proposed observing strategy A.E.E. Rogers
027 043003   Array structure wind loading etc A.E.E. Rogers
028 050203   Optimum orientation of crossed-dipoles in an array A.E.E. Rogers
029 050803   Array sensitivity calibration A.E.E. Rogers
030 051903   Receiver control file keywords A.E.E. Rogers
031 051603   Impact of reducing the number of elements in each array A.E.E. Rogers
032 051903   Some thermal considerations of receiver box cooling A.E.E. Rogers
033 063003   Proposed use of geothermal heat exchange for receiver box temperature stabilization A.E.E. Rogers
034 063003   Tests of receiver box cooling A.E.E. Rogers
035 070803   Notes on internally generated signals and shielding the D1 receiver box A.E.E. Rogers
036 072903   Tests for leakage from D1 receiver box A.E.E. Rogers K.A. Dudevoir
037 080703   Performance of dual polarization 5x5 station array A.E.E. Rogers
038 082003   System calibration from normalized beam power A.E.E. Rogers
039 100303   Sensitivity of D1 array to RFI from the Westford Site A.E.E. Rogers
040 100903   AUTOSCHEDing of beams and special modes A.E.E. Rogers
041 111903   Output file format A.E.E. Rogers
042 112603   Some tests of shielding applied to the Westford radome base R.B. Phillips M.A. Poirier
043 120103   Daily checks on the operation of each 5x5 A.E.E. Rogers
044 012604   RFI Amelioration A.E.E. Rogers
045 021804   Method for smoothing spectra and removing CW RFI A.E.E. Rogers
046 021804   Improving the 5x5 sidelobes by adding a parasitic director element to each active dipole A.E.E. Rogers
047 030504   Expected effect of low level CW RFI on the D1 array A.E.E. Rogers
048 032904   The effect of distant continuum RFI A.E.E. Rogers
049 041604   Excision of continuum RFI transients A.E.E. Rogers
050 042204   Mechanism for low level apparent "DC" in digital down converter A.E.E. Rogers
051 062804   RFI mitigation method for D1 array A.E.E. Rogers
052 091704 Revised Revision of expected D1 line strength in the anti-center A.E.E. Rogers
053 080204   Expected D1 line profiles from Galactic anti-center A.E.E. Rogers
054 081604   Optimization of D1 detection A.E.E. Rogers
055 092004   The theoretical D line strength A.E.E. Rogers
056 092804   Spectral error estimate in the case of spectral exclusion A.E.E. Rogers
057 100404   Simulations of the noise in spectral exclusion A.E.E. Rogers
058 102104   The statistics of cumulative spectra A.E.E. Rogers
059 102204   Model of expected D1 emission from the "local arm" A.E.E. Rogers
060 110104   Combining data from separate regions to improve the detection probability A.E.E. Rogers
061 111904   Expected levels of RFI reflected from the moon, earth satellites and aircraft A.E.E. Rogers
062 112404   Alternative method of CW RFI amelioration A.E.E. Rogers
063 120704   Effects of a non-uniform interstellar medium A.E.E. Rogers
064 121304   Test of station do2 with ground plane pointing South at 30 elevation A.E.E. Rogers
065 122004 092005 Expected signal from the LMC A.E.E. Rogers
URSI 010105 A Low Frequency Array Designed to Search for the 327 MHz line of Deuterium A.E.E. Rogers et al
066 090605 Potential future Deuterium 327 MHz line science A.E.E. Rogers
067 110105 Possible configurations for the LMC A.E.E. Rogers
068 080207 Low Cost Array for the 327 MHz Deuterium Line A.E.E. Rogers K.A. Dudevoir B.F. Fanous
069 080207 RFI mitigation techniques used in the observations of the 327 MHz Deuterium Line A.E.E. Rogers
070 011008 SNR of dense and sparse arrays A.E.E. Rogers
071 022008 :Calibration of aperture array with a single calibrated element. A.E.E. Rogers