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U-VLBI Memo Series

102004 UVLBI Equipment needs
S. Doeleman
102104 UVLBI high-data-rate configuration options
A. Whitney
030106 Preliminary DBE specifications
A. Whitney
101705 Windowing and PFB spectral efficiency
A. Rogers
100505 Phase noise tests of HP8662/3 and phase locked sources
A. Rogers
S. Doeleman
102605 Tests of SMA LO System for VLBI
S. Doeleman
J. Test
030106 Test of National LMX2531 for DBE clock
A. Rogers
030106 LMX2531 for frequency standard phase noise comparisons
A. Rogers
030106 Optimum loop bandwidth for locking Wenzel crystal to H-maser
A. Rogers
080306 CSO/SMA Clocks for April 2006 VLBI
S. Doeleman
011 080807 Tests of 16MHz DBE
et al.
012 092807  SC11 Crystal Performance and Use in Characterizing H-Masers in the Field
S. Doeleman
et. al
013 041408 Current VLBI Application Block Diagram
A. Hinton
014 042208 Detection threshold for bespectral fringe searches A.E.E. Rogers  
015 042208 Effect of coherence on the bispectral averages A.E.E. Rogers  
016 111708

Maximum likelihood method of detecting periodicity in the closure phase. 

A.E.E. Rogers  
017 030909 Special version of integrator for P8 maser A.E.E. Rogers  
018 041510 VLBI set-up and tests at SMT April 2010 - IN PROGRESS A.E.E. Rogers  
019 031910 Burst Mode Benchmarking T. Cappallo  
020 060210 Receiver for CSO A.E.E. Rogers  
021 061710 Temperature coefficient of Agilent E8257D Synthesizer A.E.E. Rogers T. Mai
022 073010 effect of a bandpass slope on quantized VLBI data A.E.E. Rogers
023 041211 VLBI set-up at SMTO March 2011 G. Crew V. Fish A.E.E. Rogers
024 041211 VLBI set-up at CARMA March 2011 A.E.E. Rogers J. SooHoo
025 042611 A Burst Mode Recorder G.B. Crew
026 091611 Current RDBE-S Status G.B. Crew
027 102611 RDBE-S Testing at Westford/GGAO with Triple Noise, X-band and UDCs G.B. Crew UVLBI Team
028 030512 Comparison of DBE1 and RDBE-H in NZ2 and NZ3 G.B. Crew
029 031212 Follow-up on DBE1 and RDBE comparisons A.E.E. Rogers
030 032812 Set-up at CARMA March 2012 A.E.E. Rogers J. SooHoo
031 032612 SMTO 2012 EHT Observing Campaign Report G.B. Crew V. Fish
032 091012 RDBE-S 16 Gbps Demo Results G.B. Crew
033 In Progress A. Rogers
034 061813 Downconverter for LMT Mexico A. Burns J. SooHoo
035 110813 Merging low- and high-bands of EHT observations G. Ortiz




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