Radio Stars in the Era of New Observatories (Radio Stars 2024)

Presentation Slides and Posters

The page contains links to oral presentation slides and poster presentations from the 2024 MIT Haystack Observatory conference “Radio Stars in the Era of New Observatories”. All linked files are in PDF format.

A full version of the meeting schedule is available here. Abstracts for all presentations are available here.

Additional files will be added as they become available; please check back.

Oral Presentations

Day 1 (Wednesday, April 17, 2024)Speaker
Prospects for Stellar Astronomy with Future Radio/(Sub)Millimeter Facilities (Invited)Grazia Umana
Astrochemistry of Circumstellar Environments (Invited)Brett McGuire
ATOMIUM: ALMA Tracing the origins of molecules in dust forming oxygen rich M-type starsCarl Gottlieb
Stellar Studies with ALMA’s Wideband Sensitivity UpgradeArielle Moullet
Hydrodynamic Simulations as a Tool for Understanding Circumstellar Environments and Stellar Interaction (Invited)Shazrene Mohamed
Unveiling runaway massive star bow shocks with current and future radio observatoriesJakob van den Eijnden
The bow shock at the center of NGC 6334A with deep VLA observations. Is It a colliding wind region or a bow shock of a runaway star?Vanessa Yanza Lopez
When is a photosphere not a photosphere? Radio continuum and maser case studies of O-rich AGB/RSGAnita Richards
Synthetic ALMA observations of large-scale convection in 3D simulations of Red SupergiantsJing-Ze Ma
Studying Stellar Evolution and Mass Loss with Masers (Invited)Anna Bartkiewicz
SiO masers in Galactic Miras: the intersection of BAaDE and OGLEMegan Lewis
Exploring SiO Maser Dynamics in Thin-Shelled Mira Stars: VLBI Follow-up and Calibration StrategiesYlva Pihlström
Day 2 (Thursday, April 18, 2024)Speaker
VLBI Astrometry as a Tool for Stellar Astrophysics (Invited)Gisela Ortiz-León
Timelapse VLBI imaging of the Close Active Binary HR 1099Walter Golay
Pushing for higher precision VLBI astrometry of radio starsPaul Boven
Exploring the radio emission of Ultracool Dwarfs with VLBIJuan Bautista Climent Oliver
Of Ripples and Roars : Progress and Promise in Low Frequency Radio Solar Physics (Invited)Divya Oberoi
Robust Detection of Linearly Polarized Emission from Meterwave Solar Emission: Questioning the Conventional AssumptionsDevojyoti Kansabanik
Using radio observations to constrain magnetic fields in the CME plasmaSurajit Mondal
Solar and Stellar Radio Emission from Space (Invited)Mary Knapp
Space Weather Around Young Suns (SWAYS): A dedicated system for radio and optical monitoring of the space weather of solar-type starsIvey Davis
Adventures of Young Radio Stars: intense radio outbursts, X-ray megaflares, and a novel VLBI search for ensuing coronal mass ejectionsJan Forbrich
Radio search for extrasolar coronal mass ejections and energetic particle eventsDavid Konijn
Radio Emission as Tool for Studies of Ultracool Dwarfs and Star-Planet Interactions (Invited)Melodie Kao
Stellar mass loss through a low-frequency lensSanne Bloot
Search for a spectral cut-off and periodic signal from a radio brown dwarf binaryTimothy Wing Hei Yiu
Day 3 (Friday, April 19, 2024)Speaker
Radio Emission from Magnetic Massive Stars (Invited)Barnali Das
Unveiling Elusive Radio Flares in Hot Magnetic OBA Stars with the VLITE Commensal Sky SurveyEmil Polisensky
Modeling Long-Wavelength Thermal Emissions from Non-Spherical Circumstellar Media: Applications to structured envelopes of hot massive starsRichard Ignace
The wide diversity of radio supernovae (Invited)Dillon Dong
Millimeter-wave Flaring Stars from the South Pole TelescopeChris Tandoi
Understanding the radio stars population with ASKAP, on the path to the SKATara Murphy
The Sydney Radio Star Catalogue: a new catalogue of radio starsLaura Driessen
Physical Drivers and Radio Signatures of the Diversity of Nova Eruptions (Invited)Laura Chomiuk
The Symbiotic Recurrent Nova V745 Sco at Radio WavelengthsIsabella Molina
VLBA Images of the Fastest Nova V1674 HerMontana Williams
Perspectives (Invited)Robert Mutel

Poster Presentations

Posters are listed alphabetically by lead author.

Poster TitleFirst Author
Stellar Radio Transients in the VLA Sky SurveyCarlos Ayala
Submillimeter observations of the magnetic cataclysmic variable AR ScoPaul Barrett
Evolved Stars: Distance estimates using infrared data and Supervised Machine LearningRajorshi Bhattacharya
CMB Surveys as Transient DetectorsEmily Biermann
Unveiling the structure of evolved stars’ extended atmospheres: Capabilities of SKA and ngVLABehzad Bojnordiarbab
A Rigorous K-Band Hunt for Aromatic Molecules (ARKHAM): How aromaticity varies across the earliest stages of star formationAndrew Burkhardt
Hide and seek: Hunting for hot Jupiters at decameter wavelengthsCristina-Maria Cordun
Betelgeuse: extraordinary eventsWilliam R. F. Dent
High Mass Loss in Hidden Clumps and the SW Clump in ALMA Observations of the Red Hypergiant VY CMaRoberta Humphreys
Measuring Magnetic Fields of Coronal Mass Ejection in Corona and Inner Heliosphere using Wide Field of View Spectro-polarimetric Radio ImagingDevojyoti Kansabanik
Toward Commissioning Solar Observations with MeerKAT: Opening a New Frontier in Solar Radio PhysicsDevojyoti Kansabanik
Unraveling (sub)-stellar magnetospheresRobert Kavanagh
Upcoming Improvements to the VLBAJustin Linford
Spatially Resolved Observations of the Atmosphere of Betelgeuse with the VLA and ALMALynn D. Matthews
Determination of Dynamic Masses in the Young Multiple Stellar System EC 95 Located in the Serpens Main CoreJazmı́n Ordóñez-Toro
A Volume-Limited Radio Search for Magnetic Activity in 140 Exoplanets with the Very Large ArrayKevin Ortiz Ceballos
Rapid radio variability in black hole and neutron star X-ray binary jetsEli Pattie
Unveiling the Cosmic Cradle: clustering and massive star formation in the enigmatic Galactic bubble N59Sonu Tabitha Paulson
The detection of radio emission from the latest-type ultracool dwarf in a circular polarisation searchKovi Rose
The Bulge Asymmetries and Dynamical Evolution (BAaDE) SurveyLoránt Sjouwerman
Dynamics at the Crossroads of the Galactic Bar and Disk With Red Supergiant SiO MasersRachel Weller
Electron cyclotron maser emission in solar radio burstsStephen White

Conference Summary

A Conference Summary paper is in preparation for submission to PASP. It will be posted here at a future date.