mm-VLBI Memo Series

VLBI at Millimeter Wavelengths

Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) at millimeter wavelengths becomes progressively more challenging as the wavelength gets shorter. Demands on the stability of the frequency standards grow more stringent, the sensitivity of available telescopes and receivers grows poorer, the need for good weather grows more acute, the phase fluctuations due to the atmosphere grow more severe, and in many cases, the strength of the target sources on the sky grows less. The scientific reward is ever increasing angular resolution, and the ability to observe phenomena inaccessible to any other technique.

mm-VLBI Memos

001Numerical solution of Maxwell’s equations in parallel plate polarizerA.E.E. Rogers, Shep Doeleman19930120
002Analytical solution to polarizer loss questionShep Doeleman, A.E.E. Rogers19930123
003Broadband circular polarizer for 86-100 GHzA.E.E. Rogers, Shep Doeleman19930129
004Measured performance of 86 Ghz circular polarizerShep Doeleman, A.E.E. Rogers19930222
005Baseline ripple mechanisms and periodsA.E.E. Rogers19930519
006Design of Off-axis MirrorA.E.E. Rogers19930524
007Systematic limits to continuum and spectral line observationsA.E.E. Rogers19931220
008Signal to noise ratio of closure phases, bispectrum and weighted triple productA.E.E. Rogers19931101
009Total phase observable and FRINGEXA.E.E. Rogers19931115
010Standing waves from radome and subreflector at 3mmA.E.E. Rogers19931116
011“Double-Dicke” beam switched spectral baseline stability: Theory and MeasurementsA.E.E. Rogers19931202
012Phase corrections from phase cal amplitudesA.E.E. Rogers19931210
013Radome reflection multipathA.E.E. Rogers19931220
014Subreflector spoiler coneA.E.E. Rogers19931217
015Another standing wave from radome reflectionsA.E.E. Rogers19940518
0167mm FeedA.E.E. Rogers19940126
017Burst mode samplingA.E.E. Rogers19940322
018Global Fringe Fitting SoftwareA.E.E. Rogers19940330
019Bispectral averages and the loss of triangle redundancyA.E.E. Rogers, Shep Doeleman19940408
020Fringe Detection Methods for Very Long Baseline ArraysA.E.E. Rogers, Shep Doeleman, James M Moran19940803
021Model fitting using non-linear weighted least squaresA.E.E. Rogers19961118