RFI Memo Series

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)

RFI Memos

See also the EDGES memo series and Deuterium Array memo series.

001RFI Monitor preamp and calibratorA.E.E. Rogers20040818
002NI/Tektronix ComparisonA.E.E. Rogers20040818
003Tests of Tektronix RSA3308A analyzerA.E.E. Rogers20050201
004Calibration and Sensitivity limits of RFI monitorA.E.E. Rogers20050307
005Effects of reflections in absolute radiometryA.E.E. Rogers20050321
006Methods for removal of the errors due to reflection of amplifier noise from antennaA.E.E. Rogers20050321
007Comparison of spectrum analyzersA.E.E. Rogers20050901
008Study of radio astronom (RA) bandsA.E.E. Rogers20050321
009 Simplified RFI block diagramA.E.E. Rogers20050324
010Antennas for RFI MonitorA.E.E. Rogers20050328
011Revised RFI monitor block diagramA.E.E. Rogers20050509
012Extending the dynamic range of a spectrum analyzerA.E.E. Rogers20050524
013Wideband spectrum measurementsA.E.E. Rogers20051020
014Interference temperature from model for power line noiseA.E.E. Rogers20051026
015Development of direct sampling spectrum analyzerA.E.E. Rogers20060320
016Proposed filter for detection of EOR spectral rampA.E.E. Rogers20051220
017Estimate of systematic errors in search for EOR global stepA.E.E. Rogers20060104
018Development of sensitive compact RFI/EOR monitorA.E.E. Rogers20060104
019RFI avoidance by lowering the antennaA.E.E. Rogers20060111
020Effect of the frequency of the beam patterns on EOR signatureA.E.E. Rogers20060124
021Tests of active antenna for RFI monitorA.E.E. Rogers20060131
022Dipole beam change with frequencyA.E.E. Rogers20060203
023Active antenna for spectrum monitor and EORA.E.E. Rogers20060203
024Model of active antenna noiseA.E.E. Rogers20060207
025Absolute calibration of an active antennaA.E.E. Rogers20060214
026Absolute calibration of an active antennaA.E.E. Rogers20060302
027RFI Scout Trip to California and NevadaJ.D. Bowman20060628
028VSWR Measurements of four-point dipole antenna for EDGESJ.D. Bowman20060629
029EDGES and AC240 RFI monitor parametersA.E.E. Rogers20060717
030Correction antenna temperature for cable attenuation and antenna mismatchA.E.E. Rogers20060725
031Improved input match for low frequency LNAA.E.E. Rogers20060807
032Absolute sky calibration using EDGESA.E.E. Rogers20060817
033Noise and error sources in 3 position switchingA.E.E. Rogers20060828
034EDGES Sensitivity to Galactic Radio Recombination LinesJ.D. Bowman20060906
035Comparison of Galactic Noise at Potential EDGES SitesJ.D. Bowman20060906
036Evaluation of EDGES at West Forks, MaineA.E.E. Rogers20060908
037Sensitivity of low frequency arrays to out of band signals from satellitesA.E.E. Rogers20080610
038RFI Monitor at Mileura HomesteadA.E.E. Rogers, J.D. Bowman20081210