MIT Haystack Observatory

October 12-14 2016

Individual IVTW Presentations (click on title to open presentations)

Wednesday, 12 October

Session 1: Work in Progress—Astronomy

9:10 Colin Lonsdale Progress toward a vision of VLBI 2030
9:40 Michael Lindqvist Science with the EVN
10:00 Vincent L. Fish The Event Horizon Telescope
10:20 Geoff Crew VLBI with ALMA
11:00 Cormac Reynolds Long Baseline Array Status
11:20 Gino Tuccari BRAND EVN
11:40 Matteo Stagni Italian VLBI experiments—results and challenges to be tackled

Session 2: Work in Progress—VGOS

14:00 Jim Lovell Dynamic Observing with the AuScope VLBI Array
14:20 Chris Eckert Advanced mechanical design features in the MIT Haystack VGOS system
14:40 Ryoji Kawabata VGOS development for Ishioka 13-m antenna
15:00 Kazuhiro Takefuji Transpacific Broadband VLBI
15:40 Pedro Elosegui VGOS progress, challenges, and efforts
16:00 Se-Jin Oh Recent status of wideband observing and correlation system for the Korean VLBI Network
16:40 Do-Heung Je Phase stability measurement of KVN 22/43/86/129 GHz receivers using phase calibration system

Thursday, 13 October

Session 3: Instrumentation

9:00 Frank Lind Advances in Radio Array Technology
9:30 Bill Petrachenko Is Direct-RF-Sampling One Step too Far in the Simplification of the Signal Chain for VGOS?
9:50 Xiuzhong Zhang The FPGA Implementation of Complex Algorithm
10:10 Russell McWhirter Progress towards commodity signal processing for next-gen DBEs
11:00 Bill Petrachenko PCAL Detection in the DBE: An Important Tool for Data Quality Analysis, System Monitoring, and Troubleshooting
11:20 Evgeny Nosov Influence of digitaization in digital backends on VLBI sensitivity loss
11:40 Ganesh Rajagopalan VGOS phase/delay calibration systems
12:00 Arthur Niell VGOS broadband delay extraction, data analysis, and results

Session 4: Data Transport/Recording/Correlation/Post-Correlation

14:00 Ed Himwich VEX2 Developments
14:20 Harro Verkouter (post) recording ultilities that are(*)
15:40 Weimin Zheng The progress of Shanghai software correlator
16:00 Mark Kettenis Scaling the SFXC Software Correlator
16:20 Stuart Weston Steps toward Cloud Correlation
16:40 Victor Pankratius CorrelX: A Cloud-Based VLBI Correlator

Friday, 14 October 2016

Session 5: Looking to the Future

9:00 Alan Roy VLBI with Solar Power Towers as SKA Stations?
9:20 Jean Lautier-Gaud New generation of operational cold atom frequency standards (I)
9:40 Berhanu Bulcha Towards THz VLBI
10:00 Chet Ruszczyk Future of VLBI raw-data transport
10:40 Arpad Szomoru CLEOPATRA: Connecting Locations of ESFRI Observatories and Partners in Astronomy for Timing and Real-time Alerts
11:00 Bill Petrachenko Options for VLBI Determination of the Geocentre

Poster Presentations

Marisa Nickola New developments at the Hartebeesthoek RadioAstronomy Observatory (HartRAO)
Arthur Niell Evolution of the Haystack Observatory Postcorrelation System (HOPS)
Chet Ruszczyk Mark6 Update
Gino Tuccari DBBC3: next generation versattle VLBI backend
Renjie Zhu CDAS2: Ready for VGOS and Deep Space Exploration