TOW 2023: 12th IVS Technical Operations Workshop Notebook

TOW Notebook

The notebook compiles the presentation files of the live and pre-recorded sessions of the 12th TOW in PDF format.

Operations Workshop
VLBI Session Pre-checks, Operations, Recovery Mike Poirier, Alex Burns
Operational Recovery from System FailuresMike Poirier, Alex Burns
Operational Use of Mark 6Chet Ruszczyk, John Barrett
Cryogenic System and Receiver MaintenanceChristian Plötz
Maintenance Workshops
FS Operations Alexander Neidhardt
Antenna Gain CalibrationMichael Lindqvist
RFI Determination and Spectrum Management
RFI: Mitigation and Monitoring
Michael Lindqvist
John Swoboda
Phase Cal Basics and RF System TestingGanesh Rajagopalan
Advanced Pre-checks and OperationsGanesh Rajagopalan
Understanding Correlator FeedbackPhillip Haftings, Sara Hardin
Pointing and Amplitude Calibration ConceptsBob Campbell
High-Accuracy Time and Frequency in VLBIKatie Pazamickas, Rick Hambly
FS Station Code Beginners and AdvancedAlexander Neidhardt
Setup and Operations with the DBBC3 Part 1 and Part 2Gino Tuccari, Sven Dornbusch
R2DBE Setup and OperationsChet Ruszczyk, Russ McWhirter
Operational Data Transport in the IVS Part 1 and Part 2Jason SooHoo, Simone Bernhart
VLBI Data Acquisition, Formats, Transfer and ToolsMarjolein Verkouter
Writing VLBI Observation SchedulesMatthias Schartner
Demonstration of the VLBI Communications Center (VCC)Mario Bérubé
VLBI BasicsPedro Elosegui
Impact of Operations on Data AnalysisSara Hardin
Science OverviewFrank Lemoine
VGOS Signal ChainChet Ruszczyk, Arthur Niell
BRAND and DBBC4Gino Tuccari
From Linear to Circular: PolConvert for Station OperatorsFrederic Jaron
Discussion Board-VLBI Issues Seen by Station StaffAlexander Neidhardt
IVS SADAAlexander Neidhardt
Correlator WorkshopMay 4-5 2023
IONEX Predictions for differential TECDan Hoak (for the Haystack correlation team)
Notes on the proxy cable calDan Hoak (for the Haystack correlation team)
PolConvert: Notes on Haystack analysis of ER2201Dan Hoak (for the Haystack correlation team)
Updates to plotting tools for VGOS postprocessingDan Hoak (for the Haystack correlation team)
Methods of VGOS post-processingDan Hoak (for the Haystack correlation team)

TOW2023 Evaluations

Evaluation forms were filled out by meeting attendees. A summary of the comments and ratings is available at the link below. After the meeting, the teachers met to share their experiences and evaluate the meeting and their teaching. Notes from this meeting are are available at the link below.