VLBI Broadband Memo Series (VGOS)

VLBI Broadband Memos

Memos developed for the VLBI2010 studies, including the report of IVS Working Group 3, may be found at http://ivscc.gsfc.nasa.gov/publications/memos/index.html

007X1_experiment_plan (Wfrd circular)A.E. Niell20071113
008Using the DBE1 and Mk5B+ with merged IF0 and IF1 (geodesy)A.E. Niell20080609
013Spurious Signals at MV3A.Niell20080511
014Spurious Signal test in DBEIA.Niell20080611
015Results of Westford Dewar Y Factor MeasurementsC. Beaudoin et al.20080425
016GGAO Receive Chain Component Configuration ConsiderationsC. Beaudoin20080502
017Modification to NASA/Honeywell pcal for 5 MHz repetition rateA.E.E. Rogers20080625
018GPIB over Ethernet capability, system temperature, and LNA status at MV3C. Beaudoin20080708
019Preliminary analysis of correlator data from 2008 May 23 GGAO-Westford BBD testB. Corey20080608
020Modulation during first hour of 2008 May 23 GGAO-Westford BBD testB. Corey20080610
021Phase cal performance during 2008 May 23 GGAO-Westford BBD testB. Corey20080612
022Addendum to June 10 memo on Modulation during first hour of 2008 May 23 GGAO-Westford BBD testB. Corey20080615
023Updated: Preliminary test of new digital phase calibratorA.E.E. Rogers20151015
024New scripts and utilities for DBE1 setup and diagnosticsC.Beudoin20080827
025Check of Symmetricom buffersA.E.E. Rogers20090223
026Phasecal processingA.E.E. Rogers20090303
028Measurement of Westford Broadband focus setting using VLBIA.E. Niell20090217
029Brief report on Integration and Automation Workshop Haystack Observatory 2009 Feb 23-25A.E. Niell20090312
030Results for 2009/049 polarization session – 1: First look at amps, phase differences, and delaysA.E. Niell20090312
031Notes on phase cal extraction, power levels, total rail count, and SNRC.J. Beaudoin20090423
032Phase Cal Channel-to-Channel Phase DiscontinuitiesC.J. Beaudoin20090423
033Holographic Processing and Considerations for VLBI2010 Antenna DiagnosticsC.J. Beaudoin20090715
034Phase Cal Amplitude RF Frequency DependenceC.J. Beaudoin20090423
035Temperature coefficient of optical fiberA.E.E. Rogers20091203
036VLBI Digital-Backend Intercomparison TestingA.R. Whitney20090525
037MOBLAS7 and NG SLR Radar Power Level Measurements Collected at GGAOC.J. Beaudoin, S. Cappallo20110601
038Computation of saturation overhead improvement in active stages with incorporation of broadband equalizationC.J. Beaudoin20120227
03912m Optical Alignment ProcedureC.J. Beaudoin20130328
040Calibration of switched noise diode and measurement of antenna efficiencyA.E. Niell20151102
041.2SX Observations using Broadband Receiver and RDBE: Revised frequenciesA.E. Niell, R.J. Cappallo20160218
042Failure and repair of the GGAO broadband cryogenics and receiverG. Rajagopalan, C. Eckert20160822
043KPGO 12m Signal Chain Cryo-con Failure Analysis and RepairC. Ruszczyk, C. Eckert, J. SooHoo20161027
044VGOS Band and Channel Frequency ConfigurationA.E. Niell20170627
045Effect of warm dewar on system temperature and on geodetic results for GGAO-Westford baseline in session vt7254 (2017/09/11)A.E. Niell20171019
046The effect on VGOS broadband group delay of losing one or more bands: example: vt7170 (2017/06/19) GGAO12M-WestfordA.E. Niell20171116
047Processing the clock break at KOKEE12M in vt7142 (2017/05/22)A.E. Niell, M. Titus20181202
048Evaluation of a prototype broadband radome as installed on WestfordA.E. Niell20180505
049.1VGOS Correlator Clock Model: Comparison of geodetic results for CONT17 dataA.E. Niell, B. Corey20180814
050Setting correlator clocks for VGOS CONT17 processingB. Corey, E. Himwich20180821
051Comparison of correlator results from VGOS intensive VI9290 testJ. Barrett et al.20200210
052Degradation of the KOKEE12M cablecal – 2019 April 01 to September 16A.E. Niell20200425
053VGOS intensive VI9290 follow-up testJ. Barrett et al.20200804
054Comparison of correlator results from VGOS VO0009J. Barrett et al.20200210
055VGOS band SNRs from channel fringe visibilitiesB. Corey20220419
056Setting pc_phases_x/y for collocated antennasA.E. Niell20221021
057Electrical delay measurements along various segments of the VGOS signal chain of the GGAO antennaG. Rajagopalan20221018
058Enhancing WESTFORD to comply with VGOS slew-rate requirementsA.E. Niell20230821
059Using the proxy cablecal: geodetic impact at GGAO12MA.E. Niell20230804
060Data reduction for measurements of orientation-dependent phasecal delay at GGAOB. Corey20240227
061Nine years of monitoring the dependence of the GGAO12m phase calibration delay on antenna orientationV. Pfeiffer, B. Corey, A. Niell20240611