Holography Memo Series


2011 – present Holography Memos; New Haystack Antenna

001Astigmatism correction for holography feed offsetA.E.E. Rogers20111129
002Holography feed patternsA.E.E. Rogers20121119
003Simulations of the effect atmospheric phase errorsA.E.E. Rogers20121119
004Sensitivity tests of radome correctionA.E.E. Rogers20121120
005Using Sun limb scans to check antenna efficiency and astigmatismA.E.E. Rogers20121205
006Effects of tilted subreflector and offset pointing on Radome diffractionA.E.E. Rogers20132261
007System temperature above the atmosphere from a tip scanA.E.E. Rogers20132281
008Compensation for focus and illumination errors in beam switch offset pointingA.E.E. Rogers20171020
009Focus, tilt and pointing offsets for w-band feed20171227

1990 – 1993 Holography Memos; Original Haystack Antenna

90-1Elimination of multiple reflectionsA.E.E. Rogers19901018
90-2Diffraction model for the Haystack RadomeA.E.E. Rogers19901109
90-3Corrections to improve the accuracy of the radome diffraction modelA.E.E. Rogers19901126
90-4Diffraction of subreflector and its support strutsA.E.E. Rogers19901210
90-5Performance of multiple reflection spoilerA.E.E. Rogers19901220
91-1Reflection scattering from radomeA.E.E. Rogers19914169
91-2Correction for diffraction by the edge of the subreflectorA.E.E. Rogers19913199
91-3Corrector lensA.E.E. Rogers19914049
91-4Improved gridding algorithmA.E.E. Rogers19914169
91-5Diffraction Effects of Subreflector DeformationA.E.E. Rogers19915229
91-6Subreflector titlts and lateral motionA.E.E. Rogers19911108
91-7Holography artifacts and their am elirationA.E.E. Rogers19911206
92-1What information can we get from a sun scanA.E.E. Rogers19923139
92-2Panel structure unresolved by 91×91 holographyA.E.E. Rogers19923209
92-3Holography resolution functionsBrian Corey19923259
92-4Holography resolution functions – Addenda to 25 March 1992 MemoBrian Corey19923319
92-5Inversion of the sun scan dataA.E.E. Rogers19924069
92-6Holography Feed Phase: Measurments and ModelA.E.E. Rogers, Steve J. Murray19924179
92-7Small scale roughness distribution from sunscansA.E.E. Rogers19924249
92-8Sunscans taken on 29 april 1992A.E.E. Rogers19925049
92-9Pointing Accuracy Since Subreflector Installation Pointing Series #3P.J. Charpentier19921015
92-10Diffraction from deformable subreflector: comparison with observationA.E.E. Rogers19921102
92-11Surface roughness loss for sinusoidal deviationsA.E.E. Rogers19921125
92-12Astigmatism optimization – comparison of radiometry and holographyA.E.E. Rogers19921130
92-13Recent investigations of upgrade problemsA.E.E. Rogers19921130
92-14Radome LossA.E.E. Rogers19921130
92-15rms variation with elevation: holography and radiometryA.E.E. Rogers19921201
92-16aSome tests of radome panel lossA.E.E. Rogers19921209
92-16bSome tests of radome panel lossesA.E.E. Rogers19921209
92-17Long and shorter holography feedsA.E.E. Rogers19921214
92-18Proposal to use various offset mirrors to improve 80-120 GHz radiometryA.E.E. Rogers19921215
92-19Methods to improve holographyA.E.E. Rogers19921215
92-20Comparison of focus from holography and radiometryA.E.E. Rogers, JA. Ball, R. Barvainis19921215
93-1Unwanted reflections from subreflectorA.E.E. Rogers19932169
93-2Some simple thermal tests of antenna panelsA.E.E. Rogers19934159
93-3Calculated focus, beamwidth and lateral translationA.E.E. Rogers19934229
93-4Surface Panel Thermal CharacteristicsA.E.E. Rogers19934229
93-5Do the Haystack panels act as a uniform shell?A.E.E. Rogers19934239
93-6Special tests to help diagnose the antenna gainA.E.E. Rogers, R.E. Barvainis19934269
93-7Panel curvature** (“scalloping”)A.E.E. Rogers19934299
93-8More quantitative measure of scallopingA.E.E. Rogers19935039
93-9Panel expansion coefficientA.E.E. Rogers19935079
93-10More information on panel expansion coefficientA.E.E. Rogers19935109
93-11Optimum illumination of HaystackA.E.E. Rogers19935109
93-12Radome effects on baseline ripple and continuum sensitivityA.E.E. Rogers19935179
93-13Errors in small scale roughness estimatesA.E.E. Rogers19935199
93-14A cone design for suppression of reflections from the subreflectorA.E.E. Rogers19936019
93-15Meeting held 22 July 1993 with SGHA.E.E. Rogers19937239