UVLBI Memo Series


001UVLBI Equipment needsS. Doeleman20041020
002UVLBI high-data-rate configuration optionsA. Whitney20041021
003Preliminary DBE specificationsA. Whitney20060301
004Windowing and PFB spectral efficiencyA. Rogers20051017
005Phase noise tests of HP8662/3 and phase locked sourcesA. Rogers, S. Doeleman20051005
006Tests of SMA LO System for VLBIS. Doeleman, J. Test20051026
007Test of National LMX2531 for DBE clockA. Rogers20060301
008LMX2531 for frequency standard phase noise comparisonsA. Rogers20060301
009Optimum loop bandwidth for locking Wenzel crystal to H-maserA. Rogers20060301
010CSO/SMA Clocks for April 2006 VLBIS. Doeleman20060803
011Tests of 16MHz DBES. Doeleman et. al20070808
012SC11 Crystal Performance and Use in Characterizing H-Masers in the FieldS. Doeleman et. al20070928
013Current VLBI Application Block DiagramA. Hinton20080414
014Detection threshold for bispectral fringe searchesA.E.E. Rogers20080422
015Effect of coherence on the bispectral averagesA.E.E. Rogers20080422
016Maximum likelihood method of detecting periodicity in the closure phase. A.E.E. Rogers20081117
017Special version of integrator for P8 maserA.E.E. Rogers20090309
018VLBI set-up and tests at SMT April 2010 – IN PROGRESSA.E.E. Rogers20100415
019Burst Mode BenchmarkingT. Cappallo20100319
020Receiver for CSOA.E.E. Rogers20100602
021Temperature coefficient of Agilent E8257D SynthesizerA.E.E. Rogers, T. Mai20100617
022The effect of a bandpass slope on quantized VLBI dataA.E.E. Rogers20100730
023VLBI set-up at SMTO March 2011G. Crew, V. Fish, A.E.E. Rogers20110412
024VLBI set-up at CARMA March 2011A.E.E. Rogers, J. SooHoo20110412
025A Burst Mode RecorderG.B. Crew20110426
026Current RDBE-S StatusG.B. Crew20110916
027RDBE-S Testing at Westford/GGAO with Triple Noise, X-band and UDCsG.B. Crew, UVLBI Team20111026
028Comparison of DBE1 and RDBE-H in NZ2 and NZ3G.B. Crew20120305
029Follow-up on DBE1 and RDBE comparisonsA.E.E. Rogers20120312
030Set-up at CARMA March 2012A.E.E. Rogers, J. SooHoo20120328
031SMTO 2012 EHT Observing Campaign ReportG.B. Crew, V. Fish20120326
032RDBE-S 16 Gbps Demo ResultsG.B. Crew20120910
033Set-up at CARMA March 2013A. Rogers20131023
034Downconverter for LMT MexicoA. Burns, J. SooHoo20130618
035Merging low- and high-bands of EHT observationsG. Ortiz20131108